General Information

The Koegel Autism Center Assessment Clinic offers state-of-the-art diagnostic, developmental, and psychological assessment services for individuals with or suspected of having an autism spectrum disorder (including Asperger's Syndrome).  Typically spanning two half-day testing sessions, these multi-faceted, integrated evaluations are tailored to the needs of each child, adolescent, or adult. At the end of the evaluation, families meet with our team for a same-day feedback session in which assessment findings and recommendations are discussed. Each evaluation culminates in the construction of a detailed, yet easy-to-comprehend report that provides a summary of assessment results, diagnostic information, and a comprehensive description of recommendations.

What is an Assessment Evaluation?

An assessment is a way for us to better understand a child or adult's unique strengths and areas of difficulty. Assessments take on many forms: interactive activities, paper-and-pencil tasks, visual puzzles, question-and-answer activities, background questionnaires, checklist surveys, and child/parent interviews, to name a few. We have assessments for very young children, as well as those appropriate for adolescents and older adults. By comparing someone's assessment results to that of their same-aged peer group, we can better understand where they thrive and where they may need some help. Combining assessment results and other information from multiple sources allows us to thoroughly understand who a person is and provide detailed recommendations for home, school, and community settings. This process also allows us to make accurate clinical diagnoses, which can be a means to start receiving helpful services and supports from schools and community agencies.

Pivotal Response Treatment Multi-Day Intervention Workshops

Because of our close integration with our world-renowned autism treatment clinic, we are also able to offer follow-up motivational intervention workshops to families. Our workshops typically range from one to five days and provide training in effective, cutting-edge language, social, organizational, and behavioral treatment strategies tailored to the needs of the individual and his or her family. Our PRT workshops are also available as stand-alone services for families that do not require a psychological evaluation.

Have Questions or Need More Information?

For more information about our assessment services and our current fee for an evaluation, please see the FAQs tab on the left hand side. For other questions, please contact us at or call 805.893.2049