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Our training manuals cover a wide range of behavioral strategies, including Pivotal Response Treatment®, Priming, Understanding Problem Behaviors, Self-Management, Parent-Professional Collaboration, and Toilet Training. These manuals have been disseminated to parents and professionals across the country. Ordering information can be found at the bottom of the page.


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BEST SELLER - Pivotal Response Treatment®:  Using Motivation as a Pivotal Response

This PRT® Training Manual covers the heart of PRT - treating motivation.  It truly embodies what PRT is all about and why it is so effective.  The manual also provides invaluable help and information so you can learn how to use motivation as a Pivotal Response with children with autism.

$12.95, includes shipping and handling

Also available in Spanish. Please click the link below to order the Spanish version:


Teaching the Pivotal Behavior of Initiations to Children with Autism

This PRT® Training Manual provides invaluable help and information to help you learn procedures to increase or teach initiations.

$12.95, includes shipping and handling


Using Pivotal Response Treatment to Teach First Words to Children with Autism

This PRT® Training Manual provides invaluable help and information to help teach a child their first words.

$12.95, includes shipping and handling

PLAY DATES MANUAL: Facilitating Play Dates for Children with Autism and Typically Developing Peers in Natural Settings

Designed to help teach those who work with children with autism how to facilitate play dates with typically developing peers. This manual is intended to be easy for families and professionals to use in home and community settings. It outlines simple steps for setting up play dates with peers and promoting positive interactions during play dates.

$7.00, includes shipping and handling

PRIMING MANUAL: Increasing Success in School Through Priming

Intended for parents and educators to help a child with a disability who is included in a regular education classroom to acquire new academic material with more ease and thus also to help reduce disruptive behavior.

$7.00, includes shipping and handling

PROBLEM BEHAVIOR MANUAL: Understanding Why Problem Behaviors Occur: A Guide for Assisting Parents in Assessing Causes of Behavior and Designing Treatment Plans

Instructs reader on how to perform a functional analysis, that is, how to recognize the function of the behavior that an individual is displaying, and how to use that information to modify the behavior to one that is appropriate and no longer disruptive.

$7.00, includes shipping and handling

SELF-MANAGEMENT MANUAL: How to Teach Self-Management to People with Severe Disabilities

Intended to help people who interact with individuals with severe disabilities maximize those individual's opportunities to be successful in their daily activities in integrated community settings, such as school programs and other community environments where constant supervision is not possible.

$7.00, includes shipping and handling

Also available in Spanish. 

SOCIALIZATION MANUAL : Procedures for Working with Paraprofessionals to Improve Socialization for Children with Autism

Intended for those who are interested in expanding on the existing in-home services for families by creating a program to increase the social opportunities for children with autism or related disabilities in inclusive settings, including after-school and summer camp programs. This manual outlines the recruitment and training of paraprofessionals to assist with social interventions, such that children with autism or related disabilities can gain access and successfully integrate into community settings and programs.

$7.00, includes shipping and handling

PARENT-PROFESSIONAL MANUAL: A Model for Parent- Professional Collaboration

Outlines the elements of an effective partnership between parents and professionals for creating a successful program for a child with autism.

$7.00, includes shipping and handling

TOILET TRAINING MANUAL: Toilet Training for Children with Severe Handicaps: A Field Manual for Coordinating Training Procedures Across Multiple Community Settings

Outlines the steps to a toilet training program which has been proven to be successful with children with disabilities over very short time periods.

$5.00, includes shipping and handling


Books by Drs. Koegel & Colleagues


With a 300 percent increase in the incidence of autism and autism spectrum disorders and 1 in 150 children being diagnosed with the disability, autism is now an epidemic. Fortunately, there have been huge advances in our ability to diagnose the disability at younger ages and in the development of effective interventions that can change children's lives.

In Overcoming Autism, Lynn Kern Koegel, Ph.D. shares her professional advice while coauthor Claire LaZebnik, a professional writer whose son has autism, provides insight into the daily life of parents coping with autism.

It's a difficult disability to live with, but it doesn't have to devastate a family. In this book, Koegel and LaZebnik offer concrete ways to immediately begin improving the symptoms of autism and the emotional life of anyone coping with the disorder. Providing a complete program of strategies that can be tailored to any child's specific needs, this is a must-read, must-own book that offers hope through practical solutions which are warm, nurturing, and designed to fit into a family's daily life. The writers never lose sight of the importance of enjoying and loving your child.


With an estimated half a million Americans under twenty-six on the autism spectrum, this book offers the reassurance, solace, and practical solutions that so many people are searching for. Following up on their work in Overcoming Autism, which offered advice for teaching young children on the spectrum, Lynn Koegel and Claire LaZebnik now present strategies for working with teens and young adults living with this complex condition. Addressing universal parental concerns, from first crushes, a changing body, to how to succeed in college and beyond, Growing Up on the Spectrum is a beacon of hope and wisdom for parents, therapists, and educators alike.

The prt pocket guide

A great resource for educators, behavior specialists, early interventionists, SLPs, occupational therapists, and families, this reader-friendly pocket guide is the perfect introduction to PRT, the popular approach that uses natural learning opportunities to modify pivotal areas of behavior. Pioneering autism experts Robert and Lynn Koegel speak directly to the reader, demystifying PRT and clearly explaining why it leads to widespread and rapid progress for children.

Piovtal response treatments for autism

Recognized as one of the top state-of-the-art treatments for autism in the United States,* the innovative Pivotal Response Treatment uses natural learning opportunities to target and modify key behaviors in children with autism, leading to widespread positive effects on communication, behavior, and social skills. The product of 20 years of research from Robert and Lynn Koegel co-founders of the renowned Autism Research Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara this proven approach is now clearly presented in one accessible book. Keeping parents involved in every aspect of behavioral intervention, therapists and educators of children from preschool to elementary school will use the research-supported PRT strategies .


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