Parents Seeking Treatment

Families in the Santa Barbara Area

Private pay services

Our services combine the latest knowledge in Pivotal Response Treatment to provide you with cutting edge autism intervention that is individualized to your family's needs. Typically, our services take place in the center, at home and in the community, and focus on parent education. Our private pay services are priced on a sliding scale, so please contact the Clinic Corodinator at or (805) 893-2049 for more information. 

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The Center's primary goal is conducting research and intervention with the purpose of developing a model that can be disseminated nationally. By participating in a study, we are able to provide families with individualized services at very low costs, or for free.


Families Outside the Santa Barbara Area

25 hour week-long intensive program

We are currently scheduling for the week long 25 hour intensive program for families in geographcially distant areas.

In the week-long program, families and their child attend 5 hours of PRT parent education each day at our center and in the community. During this time, one of our staff is assigned to the family for the entire week and focuses on helping the parents learn how to effectively use the PRT procedures to improve their child's communication skills. In this program the family receives a total of 25 direct hours of training with their child, and feedback following the program is provided.

For more information, please down load our information forms below, or contact us at or (805) 893-2049.



Certification program

We offer trainings for indivduals interested in implementing the techniques of PRT. Please click here for information on our Certification Programs, or contact us at or (805) 893-2049. 


Please contact us for more information about our programs, training manuals, and books at or at (805)893-2049