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Overview of CalTeach

Overview of CalTeach

CalTeach, also known as the Science and Mathematics Initiative (SMI), is a UC system-wide program. The purpose of CalTeach is to recruit and mentor STEM undergraduates who are interested in becoming great mathematics and science teachers. CalTeach consists of a sequence of courses and experiences — including time in K-12 classrooms. In this way, CalTeach hopes to help address the shortage of highly qualified mathematics and science teachers in California.

Introductory Courses

The CalTeach 1 (CaT1) courses introduce prospective teachers to the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in the elementary grades. As a part of CaT1, undergraduates work in local classrooms with mentor teachers, where they experience the learning of science and mathematics first-hand.

The CaT2 courses look at the teaching and learning of science or mathematics in junior high and high school. Once again, UCSB relies on the expertise of local mentor teachers to provide vital classroom experience.

The full series of courses can be seen on the Undergrad CalTeach Coursework page.

Minor in Science and Mathematics Education

The popular Minor in Science and Mathematics Education allows undergraduates to gain a deep understanding of mathematics and science education. Coursework for the minor includes CaT2, two general education courses, and two disciplinary-specific courses. A number of courses in the minor include time in classrooms.

Teacher Education Program

It is a goal of CalTeach that UCSB undergraduates will then apply to excellent teacher education programs, such as the Teacher Education Program at UCSB's Gevirtz School.