Current Students

Ph.D. Candidates

Alamoudi, Sarah
Interested in applied linguistics, second language learning, classroom environment, and technology integration.

Alfrayan, Reem
Developing a new generation of Saudi businesswomen leaders. Research interests are directed to policy reform for entrepreneurial development in the Saudi educational system, and workforce.

Al-Rawaf, Rusha
Museum Education, Quantitative Research Methodology, Program Evaluation, Survey Design & Research.

Aragon, Maria
Bilingual Education, Multiculturalism, Critical Pedagogy, Immigration, Education Policy

Ashlock, Miles
Educational leadership and organizations, Higher Education, Student Affairs, Leadership Development, Multicultural Education

Austin, James
Literacy Studies, International writing programs, Education in the Middle East Programs & Departments in Transition
Creative Writing

Avila Reyes, Natalia
International Sites of Writing, Writing Program Administration, Higher Education and Professional Writing, Writing Across the Curriculum, Advanced Literacies, Genre Theory, Digital Literacies

Baharav, Hadar
Research Methodology, Secondary Data Analysis, Survey Design & Research, Structural Equation Modeling, Longitudinal Studies, Latino/a Education, Immigrants, Postsecondary Education

Baker, Gabriel
Narrative-based and game-based learning, digital pedagogy, classical and web language learning, Latin, online literacy, mobile education.

Balatayo, Jomeline
Second-Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, English Language Development, Teacher Education & Professional Development, the Education of English Language Learners, and Common Core State Standards,

Baldwin, Erika
Quantitative Research Methodology, Program Evaluation, Latent Class Analysis, Latent Growth Modeling, Secondary Mathematics Education, Algebra Placement Practices, Gender differences in STEM subjects

Becerra, Joaquin
Research Interests include: Educational Leadership, Educational Policy, Masculinity, Chican@/Latin@ Students, Hispanic Serving Institutions, Access, and Diversity Education.

Bravo, Magali
Latina/o Parent-Adolescent Health, Communication and Relationships

Breed, Kimberly
Effects of disciplines-based & strengths-based models of authentic learning on student engagement, agency & identity formation

Carpenter, Stacey
Science Education, University Science Education Outreach, Higher Education, Teacher Education

Choi, Jane
Language and social interaction, discourse analysis, Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts, bilingualism and biculturalism, second language acquisition, heritage language maintenance

Corella Morales, Meghan
Bilingualism, SLA, ESL and EFL, Language Proficiency Assessment, Sociocultural Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Social Justice, Language, and Education

Covarrubias, Henry
Issues of Diversity and Equity of Access for Underrepresented Students, Latina/o Graduate Student Identity, Sociocultural Theory, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, Higher Education Policy, Critical Race Theory, and Community Cultural Wealth.

Crocco, Kyle
Visual rhetoric, visual identity, second language writing development, business and technical writing.

Dang, Myley
Math Education, Math Attitudes, Careers in STEM, Latent Class Analysis, Longitudinal Data, Evaluation

De Piero, Zack
Writing, WAC/WID, First-Year Composition, Creative Writing, Pedagogy, Educational Technology, Affect

Dippre, Ryan
Secondary and postsecondary writing instruction; writing development

Dodds, Robin
Special Education, Families and Disability, Stakeholders and Disability, Early Childhood Special Education, Inclusion, Disabilities Rights, Autism, Low Incidence Disabilities.

Dwyer, Hilary
Mathematics Education, equity and access, gender, postsecondary mathematics, computational thinking, STEM education

Eliopoulos, Nick

Emerson, Anne
Science and Engineering Education, Program Evaluation, International Education, Education in Developing Countries

Enté, Angela P.
Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sex Education, Parent Training and Education, Family Support

Estrada, Maricela (Mari)
Small Group Work, design of work teams, development and use of Professional Learning Communities, Assessment of available Knowledge, Skill & Expertise to complete the task, Professional Development and Leadership

Fematt, Veronica
Community Colleges, Transfer Students, Higher Education Policy, Equity and Diversity in Education, Survey Design, Mixed Methods

Galicia, Mario
Urban education, school to prison pipeline, ethnographic research methods, program evaluations, Latina/o urban youth culture, immigrant education, critical pedagogy

Gonzalez, Lorna
Language, Literacy, & Composition (specialization, Technology & Society (PhD emphasis, Focus: New Media Composition & Information Visualization

Grigsby, Timothy
Digital story telling, After school programming, Cultural Historical Activity Theory, UC Links / Fifth Dimension, Teacher education

Grimm, Ryan
Reading disabilities, Reading comprehension, English Language Learners, Special Education assessment, Research methods and latent variable modeling, and Neuroanatomy of learning disabilities

Grossman, Hannah
International Education, Science Education, Cognitive Science, Secondary Science, Cultural Border Crossing, Experiential Learning, Adult Education, Science embedded in everyday life

Haddow, Gary
Reintegration and education of Liberian Refugees back into their homeland with the closure of West African (Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ghana) refugee camps.

Hallowell, David
Child & Adolescent Development (Interdisciplinary Emphasis in Cognitive Science): Spatial Reasoning, Early Geometric Reasoning, Neo-Piagetian Theory (Case & Okamoto), STEM Education, Construction Play (LEGO Engineering & Robotics)

Hao, Jing
Internationalization of Higher Education, Intercultural Adaption, Institution Services for International Students

Harvey, Cynthia
Children's historical thinking, Social Studies Education, International and Comparative Education, Moral Education

Harvey, Victoria
Teaching and Learning, Teacher education and professional development, teacher candidate problem formulation

Hirsch, Tijana
SLA, Bilingualism, Multilingualism, Family Language Policy, Heritage/community language maintenance, ESL/EFL, Sociocultural Linguistics, Language assessment, Psycholinguistics, Language & Cognition.

I-Tremblay, Erika
Writing; Teaching of Writing; Development of L2 writing; Writing across the curriculum

Iveland, Ashley
Science education, engineering education, technology education, environmental science education, elementary -- higher ed., engineering design thinking, outreach programs, community college outreach.

Jiang, Yan
Second Language Teaching and Learning, Inter-cultural Communication

Jones, Aaron
Student movements and student agency in affecting societal change.

Joo, Jenna (Ji Eun)
Second Language Acquisition/Education, Vocabulary Learning/Assessment, Lexical Inferencing, Technology-mediated Learning

Kim, Ann Y
My research interests are in the areas of ethnic/racial identity, immigrant family dynamics, parent-child relationships displayed through language, quantitative methodology.

Kim, Jiyeon
Child and family outcomes of early childhood services, Autism spectrum disorders, Disability policy and families

Kim, Sunny (Jung Sun)
Research interests: autism spectrum disorders; Specialization: improving social skills in individuals with autism and training school staff

La Joy, Jonna
Mathematics and Science Education and Learning, Child and Adolescent Development, Quantitative Research Methodology

Langlo, Tatzia
Education, Cultural Impact in Education and Development of Global Learning Teaching Communities, Cognition and learning, Language, Identity, and Power

Lee, Wona
Bilingual language development, Dual Immersion Program, Heritage Language Maintenance

Maaia, Levi
Digital literacies, Teaching and learning, Technology-enabled learning programs, STEM to STEAM curriculum development.

Mainz, Elizabeth
Second-language acquisition, Bilingual/multilingual students, Teacher Identity and Philosophy, Applied Linguistics

Meyr, Justine
Technology and Second Language Acquisition

McGowan, Susannah
Learning Design, Assessment, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Conceptual Web Design/information Architecture, Practical Application of Learning Theory to Technology, Grant writing for curricular innovation and/or assessment, Online course design and development

Mcintosh, Sean
Special education focus- Transition programs(workforce and higher education), disability studies, special education teacher preparation, low-incidence disabilities, assistive technology

Montgomery, Laquita Spivey
Culturally and linguistically diverse families of children with disabilities, parent-to-parent support groups, access and equity, applied behavior analysis in schools and communities

Moon, Sungmin
Science Education (STEM/STEAM Education), Program/Project Evaluation, Quantitative Research Methodologies

Morgan, Micaela
STEM Transfer Students, Community Colleges, Quantitative and Qualitative Methodology, Higher Education, Program Design and Evaluation

Morovati, Diane
I am generally interested in different types of methods used to analyze large scale national data sets. The majority of my own research incorporates a type of latent variable model known as latent class analysis (LCA).

Navaez Cardona, Elizabeth
Teaching and researching on higher education writing, Teacher Education and Faculty development programs in Latin America

Nguyen, Dana
Special Education, Autism, Family and Disability, Parent Training and Services for Families from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds

Ogilvie, Andrew
Genre Theory, Hispanic Serving Institutions

Oliver, Kelsey
Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis, parent training and education, family support

Orton, Haley
Organizational Culture, Organizational Theory, Job Satisfaction and Job Engagement (especially higher education administrators and staff), Qualitative Methods

Otto, Kara
Interdisciplinary emphases: Writing Studies, Applied Linguistics
Research: Second Language Writing for International Undergraduate Students, WAC/WID, Engagement in Writing Tasks, L2 Student Writer Identity, Academic Writing in Foreign Contexts, Qualitative Research

Pai, Hui-Ju
After-school program, minority, Comparative and international Education

Park, Kyusang
Mixture models such as latent class model, restricted latent class model and diagnostic classification model, and their application to educational measurement

Phommasa, Malaphone
Southeast Asian American Education, Higher Education Persistence & Retention, Educational & Occupational Aspirations

Pieng, Patrick
Early childhood education, children's conflict resolution, theories of mind, emotion recognition, and movement/dance intervention.

Rogel, Zuleyma
Latino Parental Engagement

Sarmiento, Charlyne
Genre theory, Writing research across the disciplines and communities, and Civic engagement and community literacies

Sciaky, Elizabeth
Higher education, STEM, program evaluation, online education, internationalization

Soni, Meghna
My interest is on how children learn fractions or proportions and specifically how to improve their learning of them .

Starr, Billi Jo
My research interests are prevention and intervention methods for meeting the academic and social/emotional needs of students, specifically those with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD), special education advocacy for ethnic minority youth in the juvenile justice system, and the school to prison pipeline for youth with educational disabilities..

Sterling, Ken MBA
Online learning: how to assess needs and use hybrid education to enhance learning. Creating entrepreneurship programs for colleges (especially liberal arts colleges).

Sublett, Cameron
Instructional technology, pedagogy and policy in online/distance/massive learning in community colleges.

Sun, Hala
Research interests are heritage language maintenance, education policies related to racial equity, impact of national/state language and education policies on immigrant students' academic performance, bilingualism/multilingualism, second language acquisition, parents' role in children's education, and ensuring social relevance in language classrooms.

Talawat, Puttoei
Mathematics Education, Professional Development, Probability and Statistics, Assessment

Tran, Connie
Southeast Asian Americans, ethnic identity, gender, higher education, parent involvement.

Trust, Torrey
Educational technology, instructional design, social media, web 2.0 tools, teaching and learning with technology, and teacher education.

Wang, Tiange
Bilingual Education, Two-way Immersion Programs, SLA, Applied Linguistics

Warneke, John
Educational Anthropology; Cultural Production; Sikh and Punjab Studies

Williams, Charles
Educational Leadership and Policy, Title I Schools, K-12 Teacher Pedagogy, Student-Athletes, Program Evaluation, Educational Technology, Higher Education, Grant Writing

Witenko, Vanessa
Social Network Analysis; Mixed-Methods; Sociology; Social Capital; Race; Mixed-Methods; Educational Equity; K-12 Public Education.

Wu, Ti
Writing Studies, Second Language Writing, Multilingual writing, writing and social orgnization, cognitive science, international students

Yale, David
Kinesthetic K-12 STEM Learning and Enrichment Curriculum, Next Generation Science Standards - Relevant and Fun Implementation
Early Childhood Computer Science/Computational Thinking

Yang, Rong
Second/foreign language teaching and learning, Technology and Education, Comparative Education and Cultural Studies

Zaks, Keren
Professional development, Lesson Study, Teaching and Learning, Math Education

Zhang, Yu
Research interests include creating intervention strategies to improve young children's numerical development. Currently involved in research concerning preschoolers' mathematics cognition.

Zugnoni, Michele
Literacy Studies, Teaching College-Level Writing, Composition and Rhetoric, Assessment of Writing, Expressivism, Quantitative Methods

M.A. Candidates

Alcala, Mayra
Community Colleges, First-Year Experience Programs, Transfer Students, Former Foster Youth in Higher Education

Brake, Sherice
Second Language Acquisition, Cultural influences on learning and interactions amongst preschoolers, Outdoor Classroom Environment, Autism, Linguistics

Casillas, Elizabeth
Special Education, Behavioral Interventions, Academic Interventions, Bilingual Parent Training, Parent Teacher Interactions

Heller, Christina
K-12 Science Education, Issues of Equity in Science Education

Johnston, Katherine
Positive Adaptation, Stress, and Social Support in Fathers of Children on the Autism Spectrum

Kelsee, Kennedy
Teacher Education, Autism, AAC devices, Food Flexibility, Direct Instruction, Positive Behavioral Support in Cultural Context, English Language Learners & School Staff Training

Killian, Alexandria
Science Education, Teacher Education, Equity and Access