Becoming a Visiting Scholar

Finding a Faculty Sponsor

All visiting scholars need to have a faculty sponsor who will serve as a point of contact with the department. Please look at the faculty webpages to find a possible sponsor who shares your research and study interests. The department chair or staff cannot assist with help in finding a sponsor.

Funding a Visit

The Gevirtz School does not provide funding, housing, nor paid teaching positions for visiting scholars. Visitors must have their own sources of funding established prior to their visit.

For information on the funding requirements needed to visit as a scholar, please refer to the Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) webpage.

The Office of International Students and Scholars assists visitors in all matters related to visas while at UCSB. The OISS offers a range of programs designed to make the life of international scholars and their family members at UCSB and in the Santa Barbara community academically productive and culturally enriching.


The UCSB Community Housing Office maintains an on-line listing of community rentals. Visiting scholars can purchase an individual membership for 3 months for $25.

This office also provides useful information through its online support center about the process of renting a place to live. Obtaining affordable housing in the Santa Barbara/Goleta area can be challenging. It is advisable to have your housing arrangements in place before your arrival.

Conference Services at UCSB rents cottages on campus to visiting scholars for periods of one week or longer.

Planning Ahead

If you decide to come as a visiting scholar and have obtained a faculty sponsor, please allow a minimum of three months prior to your arrival to plan for your visit.

Visa processes cannot begin with OISS more than six months in advance of your arrival date.

No Express Mail service is available to expedite paperwork. DS-2019 paperwork to addresses outside of the U.S. will take five to six weeks to be received.

For Questions Contact:

Nina Forte, Dept. of Education

Lupe Yepez, Dept. of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology