Sponsoring a Visiting Scholar

First Steps

If you've agreed to be a faculty sponsor for someone visiting your department, contact the Program Assistants. 

    The Program Assistants will act as liaison and assist the visitor with their J-1 VISA process. Send your Program Assistant the  visitor's name and email. They will also need a copy of your "Letter of Invitation" which you must provide to your visitor on behalf of the department approving their visit. In your letter please document the following:

  • The exact arrival and departure dates (cannot exceed 12 months).
  • No departmental funds or supplies will be provided. 
  • The research topic of their study. 
  • Use of the Library, a technology account, and the ability to attend GGSE courses (for no credit) will be provided.
  • Education visitors have use of shared office space in ED 3144. Otherwise, no office is provided. Sponsors have the option to allow use of their Research Office.

General Information for Faculty Sponsors

The OISS and the VISA process

  1. OISS requires a minimum of 3 months in advance of the arrival date to prepare DS-2019 paperwork.
  2. Foreign visitors should review the UCSB Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) website first for current information to plan their visit and meet the funding and insurance requirements for thier visit.   
  3. If arrival/departure dates changes, notify the Program Assistants and they will contact OISS if the visitor hasn't already done so. OISS allows the dates For J-1 visitors to fluctuate within 30 days before or after, no more.
  4. There is no express mail service available for documents.
  5. Departments send all DS-2019 packets received from OISS standard foreign delivery. These cannot be tracked. Packets will take approximately 5-6 weeks to be received.

Departmental policies

  • Departments do not provide any funding, housing, supplies, copying, nor express mail services for visiting scholars.
  • Departments will not reimburse express mail service to faculty sponsors should they choose to use it.
  • Housing needs: The visitor should be referred to the OISS website "Housing" link for information. It is the Faculty sponsor's option to assist with this if asked.
  • No "official" certificates of attendance are provided to scholars, visitors should check with their sponsors regarding this.
  • UCSB NetID: This is included once campus processes their paperwork upon arrival (3-5 days).
  • GGSE (Education email/technology) account: The Program Assistant can request this from ITG when the visitor arrives. They'll receive an Education email, wireless access in the building, access to labs and seminar room equipment (Smart Boards).
  • UC “Patent/Oath” form is mandatory: All UC faculty, staff, and visitors are required to sign this. The scholar signs this when they arrive.
  • Lockers: Available to rent. Carolyn in ED 4100 can assist with this, there is a $10 refundable deposit required.
  • Access Card: For the Education building or Ada’s Lab (ED 1211) can be requested by the scholar. Carolyn in ED 4100 can provide an "Access Card Application Form". There is a $25 charge for the card which the visitor pays when issued.
  • GGSE Building Hours: 7:30am-7:30pm Monday through Thursday, 7:30am-5:00pm on Friday. The building is locked on weekends.
  • Mail: No personal mail boxes are assigned for visiting scholars. The Program Ofices may "hold" mail for temporary pick-up.
  • Events: Associate Dean Dr. Hsiu-Zu Ho is the GGSE contact for these events.