Conversations on Research in Education (CORE)

The Conversations on Research in Education (CORE) Lunch Series provides the GGSE and greater UCSB community with an opportunity to discuss research ideas and questions. Specifically, the meeting provide a forum for faculty/researchers to present studies or projects in progress and receive/offer feedback. Past topics have included “Cutting a Path for NSF Funding Opportunities: Thinking Differently," “A Blessing and a Curse: Modeling Flexibility with Mixture Models,” and "SOCIAL=SUCCESS: Why Learning How to Make Friends Might Be the Most Important Lesson Taught in School."

The next CORE talk:

Hsiu-Zu Ho presents the  lecture “Beyond the Breadwinner? Father Involvement in Taiwanese Society” on April 16.

In recent decades Taiwan’s dynamic socio-economic growth and political transformations have brought changes to a number of traditions, including gender roles. In this presentation, Professor Ho will discuss her Fulbright experience in Taipei (2012-13), Taiwan and her research on father involvement in Taiwanese society. This body of research uses both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and covers investigations on: progressive portrayals of father roles in Taiwanese cultural media; mother-father differences in parental role beliefs; mother-father differences in participation of specific activities; the various roles of fathers in today’s Taiwanese society; and the direct and indirect influences of father involvement on student academic achievement.