Conversations on Research in Education (CORE)

The Conversations on Research in Education (CORE) Lunch Series provides the GGSE and greater UCSB community with an opportunity to discuss research ideas and questions. Specifically, the meeting provide a forum for faculty/researchers to present studies or projects in progress and receive/offer feedback. Past topics have included “Cutting a Path for NSF Funding Opportunities: Thinking Differently," “A Blessing and a Curse: Modeling Flexibility with Mixture Models,” and "SOCIAL=SUCCESS: Why Learning How to Make Friends Might Be the Most Important Lesson Taught in School."

The next CORE talk:

Michael Gottfried presents the lecture "Formal versus informal prekindergarten care and school readiness for children in immigrant families: A review of evidence from the U.S.” on October 23 at 12 noon in the Don Gevirtz Boardroom, 4th Floor, Education Building.

The U.S. is witnessing two major trends in its rising cohorts of young children preparing to start school: an increase in the use of formal (e.g., center-based) childcare options prior to entering kindergarten and a surge in the share of young children that come from immigrant families. Given that many children from immigrant families start school at a disadvantage relative to native-born children, researchers, policy makers, and practitioners have inquired into which prekindergarten alternatives might be most effective in boosting school readiness for this group of children. This literature review covers the effects of formal versus informal prekindergarten care alternatives in the year before school entry on both academic and socio-emotional measures of school readiness for children in immigrant families. It also underscores common limitations in this body of literature that can be used to shape future research agendas and policy dialogue.

Dr. Gottfried is Assistant Professor of Education at UCSB and the Inaugural Bacon Public Lecturer – UC Center, Sacramento.