Note: If you are planning on beginning Applied Psychology coursework, you are required to petition to declare the minor beforehand. 


The Gevirtz Graduate School of Education offers three undergraduate minors: The Education Minor, The Applied Psychology Minor and The Science and Mathematics Education Minor.

The Education Minor

Students must follow one of two tracks currently available. Students will only be granted the minor in one track. Each track has a different set of required core and elective courses that are listed on the track’s webpage.

  1. Educational Studies Track: For undergraduates who are interested in learning more about the role of education in society while studying with research faculty in the Gevirtz School.
  2. Teacher Preparation Track: For undergraduates preparing for a career in elementary or secondary education. Prospective teachers are encouraged to take courses in the Minor that fulfill requirements for the UCSB Teaching Credential Program.

The Applied Psychology Minor

For undergraduates preparing for a career in Counseling, Clinical or School Psychology.

The Science and Mathematics Education Minor

For science, mathematics, and engineering undergraduates interested in learning and teaching others about mathematics and science.