Credential Applicants

Pre-professional experience is a requirement before entering the teaching credential program at UCSB and many other universities. UCSB requires 60 pre-professional hours and recommends 80-100 hours. Pre-professional hours can be earned through volunteering in a K-12 classroom, substitute teaching, or working as an instructional aide.  Pre-professional work does not have to be completed in Santa Barbara. Applicants can participate in UCSB’s Pre-Professional Education Program if they choose, or they can complete their hours on their own.

All applicants who volunteer should complete their hours during the regular school day under the supervision of a credentialed K-12 teacher. We recommend that MST (multiple subject) applicants complete 30 hours in a lower grade (K-3rd) classroom and 30 hours in an upper grade (4th-6th) classroom. We recommend that SST (single subject) applicants complete 30 hours at the junior high/middle school level and 30 hours at the high school level in the subject they’re interested in teaching. Applicants who need pre-professional hours and would like to volunteer through the UCSB Pre-Professional Education Program should contact Katie Blackwell or attend an information and placement meeting.

Applicants must submit documentation of at least 60 pre-professional hours by June 1st.

Applicants may document pre-professional hours in the following ways:
(please keep copies of everything for your own records)
  • Fieldwork Verification form OR
  • A brief letter from your supervising teacher stating your number of hours and what you did OR
  • A transcript and syllabus (if the hours were completed through a college course) OR
  • UCSB students who have completed pre-professional hours through a UCSB course should resubmit whatever hours documentation was required for the course. (Applicants who took ED 3A, 4A, 130, or 131 may print up their hours off of the CalTeach website.) OR
  • We also accept substitute teaching and instructional aide hours. Submit a timesheet or some other signed evidence detailing the hours.
Submit hard copies of all pre-professional documentation- along with a Pre-Professional Hours Cover Sheet- to the address below. Soft copies and emails will not be accepted:

Katie Blackwell
Teacher Education Program
ED 3230
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9490