Credential Applicants

Requirements: UCSB requires applicants to complete a minimum of 45 pre-professional hours in a K-12 classroom during the regular school day. Pre-professional hours can be earned through volunteering in a K-12 classroom (under the supervision of a credentialed teacher), substitute teaching in a K-12 classroom, or working as a K-12 instructional aide. The hours must be completed during the regular school day (after-school programs do not count). For approval on other teaching experience, please contact Katie Blackwell at

Recommendations: We recommend that MST (multiple subject) applicants complete half of their hours in a lower grade (K-3rd) classroom and half of their hours in an upper grade (4th-6th) classroom. We recommend that SST (single subject) applicants complete half of their hours at the junior high/middle school level and half of their hours at the high school level, in the subject they’re interested in teaching. However, all K-12 hours will count for your application (even if they are completed in a subject or grade-level that is different than the one you are applying for).

Deadline: Applicants must submit documentation of at least 15 pre-professional hours prior to their application deadline, and the remaining 30 hours are due by July 1st. See below for how to document and submit your hours.

Pre-professional work does not have to be completed in Santa Barbara. Applicants can participate in UCSB’s Pre-Professional Education Program if they choose, or they can complete their hours on their own. Applicants who would like to volunteer through the UCSB Pre-Professional Education Program should contact Katie Blackwell or attend an information and placement meeting.

Please email scanned copies of all pre-professional documentation to Katie Blackwell at The following forms of pre-professional documentation will be accepted:
  • Fieldwork Verification form signed by your supervisor
  • a signed letter from your supervisor that includes your number of hours
  • a transcript and syllabus (if the hours were completed through a college course)
  • a timesheet (if you earned the hours by working as a substitute teacher or instructional aide)