Gevirtz School Staff Contacts

Gevirtz School Mailing Address

All mail on the UC Santa Barbara campus is routed by the zip code +4, not by street or building addresses. To send snail mail to anyone in the Gevirtz School, write the person's name and the following:

Gevirtz School
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9490

  • Aaron Ballett
    Aaron Ballett
    Education 4125
    Executive Assistant to the Dean

    Responsible for scheduling meetings and travel on behalf of the Dean, providing administrative support to the Dean, Assistant Dean, providing support to various school wide committees and academic personnel.

  • Briana Villaseñor
    Briana Villaseñor
    Education 4107
    Assistant Dean

    Responsible for oversight of the Dean's administrative offices, Education Building and resource related issues, coordination and completion of Dean's special projects.

Student Affairs Office

  • Amy Meredith
    Amy Meredith
    Education 4111
    Manager, Student and Academic Affairs

    Responsible for oversight of Student Affairs Office, coordinating GGSE course planning and scheduling, fellowship processing, coordinate academic hires as well as Summer Sessions planning.

  • Katie Tucciarone
    Katie Tucciarone
    Education 4102
    Credential Analyst

    Responsible for coordinating and planning certification services, clearing and recommending credentials, acting as liaison to the State Commission on Teacher Credentialing as well as advising, monitoring and performing degree checks for TEP students.

  • Samuel Rifkin
    Samuel Rifkin
    Education 4103
    Student Affairs Officer

    Responsible for coordinating all aspects of the GGSE application and admission process as well as advising, monitoring and processing paperwork for all undergraduate minor students, EDUC and CNCSP students.

  • Veronica Munoz
    Veronica Munoz
    Education 4100
    Student Affairs Assistant

    Responsible for assisting in all aspects of GGSE applications and admissions process, overseeing distribution of keys, access cards, lockers, and checks, booking of ED Building rooms, advising, monitoring and processing clearance forms for undergraduate minors, and serving as an informational resource and central point of contact in the Dean’s area.

Finance & Administration

  • Kelly Hayton
    Kelly Hayton
    Education 4101
    Manager, Finance and Administration

    Responsible for oversight of financial management, contracts and grants administration, employment, and compliance.

  • Jackie Spier
    Jackie Spier
    Education 4105
    Business & Financial Analyst

    Responsible for monthly reconciliation and set up of all accounts, working on the rates for the School's clinics and centers, reviewing and documenting business processes as well as certain employment functions including staff recruitments.

  • Terri Hille
    Education 4115
    Financial Assistant

    Responsible for processing payments/reimbursements, placing orders & financial administration support for general operating and other discretionary accounts.

  • Tracey Velasquez
    Employment Analyst

    Responsible for processing employment actions for staff, student and temporary academic employees and processing timesheets and payroll.

  • Christine Wilburn
    Christina Wilburn
    Education 4109
    Academic Personnel Coordinator

    Responsible for coordinating, processing and submitting all senate and non-senate faculty and researcher merit and promotion cases, faculty recruitment and sabbatical leaves. Responsible for processing employment actions for senate faculty and continuing appointments.

Communications, Development & Community Relations

  • George Yatchisin
    George Yatchisin
    Education 4133
    Director of Communications

    Responsible for designing and implementing information campaigns, overseeing the alignment with and the execution of the School communication and market branding strategy, requiring a wide variety of communications media including written, visual, digital, electronic and associated technical applications.

  • John Hammond
    John Hammond
    Education 4203E
    Director of Development

    Responsible for working with all facets of GGSE’s various constituencies – including alumni, faculty, staff, friends, private foundations/organizations and the local community – to raise philanthropic dollars in support of the Gevirtz School.

  • Waid Ibrahim
    Waid Ibrahim
    (805) 893-2460
    Education 4131
    Associate Director of Development

    Responsible for working closely with alumni and community members to raise a broad range of gifts in support of GGSE's annual fund. Also manages the outreach strategy to grow and engage GGSE's online community.

  • Liz Holohan
    Liz Holohan
    Education 4110
    Development Assistant

    Responsible for processing the administrative work related to GGSE Development efforts and coordinating calendars for the Development Director and Associate Director.

  • J.R. Glover
    J.R. Glover
    Education 2138
    Development Analyst

    Responsible for researching our alumni and prospective donors to inform Development strategies for engagement, cultivation, and stewardship of philanthropic support.

  • Lilly Garcia
    Lilly Garcia
    Education 4135
    Director of Outreach

    Responsible for the management and coordination of outreach efforts at Harding University Partnership School. Also provides information regarding district priorities and interest in education, including assistance with letters of support for proposals and/or MOUs within Santa Barbara County School Districts. In addition, works with campus and community partners to explore collaborations.

  • Devon Azzam
    Devon Azzam
    Education 2132
    Assistant Director of Outreach

    Responsible for exploring, and developing K-12 environmental education/science collaborations that address underserved students in Santa Barbara County, providing support to the Director of Outreach in creating new programming in environmental education/science at Harding University Partnership School (HUPS) and other Santa Barbara County Schools, and supporting the Director with ongoing outreach efforts at HUPS and with other community partners.

Contracts, Grants & Research

  • Elisabeth Carrillo
    Elisabeth Carrillo
    Education 4117
    Contracts & Grants Analyst

    Responsible for budget development, proposal submission and managing awards for assigned principal investigators.

  • Jenna Craig
    Jenna Craig
    (805) 893-5922
    Education 4119
    Contracts and Grants Analyst

    Responsible for budget development, proposal submission and managing awards for assigned principal investigators.

Counseling, Clinical & School Psychology Department

  • Shannon Rivard
    Shannon Rivard
    Education 2103
    CCSP Department Administrator

    Responsible for providing support to the CCSP Chair and faculty, coordination of curriculum and faculty workload planning, department events, visiting scholar appointments, financial management of department funds, and collaboration on all department academic recruitments, appointments and merit reviews.

  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez
    Education 2105
    CCSP Program Coordinator

    Responsible for providing support to the CCSP chair and faculty, coordinating new student orientation, research festival, interview weekend, annual reviews and fellowships; as well as visiting scholars, faculty recruitment visits, course planning, website maintenance and preparation of reimbursements.

  • Dyan Wirt
    Dyan Wirt
    Education 1149
    Hosford Clinic Administrator

    Responsible for system administration of Point n Click, clinic operational policies and procedures, clinic resource reservations, supervision of clinic coordinators and work study students, HIPAA compliance.

Education Department

  • Position Vacant
    Education 3101
    EDUC Department Administrator

    Responsible for providing support to the EDUC Chair and faculty, coordination of curriculum and faculty workload planning, department events, visiting scholar appointments, financial management of department funds, and collaboration on all department academic recruitments, appointments and merit reviews.

  • Brenda Lavin
    Brenda Lavin
    Education 3102
    EDUC Coordinator

    Responsible for managing ESCIs, textbook orders, loaner equipment, approval codes, prospective student inquiries, Facebook and Twitter accounts, collects EDUC syllabi, provides student support and coordinates faculty recruitment visits and student fellowship competitions.

Teacher Education Program

  • Samantha Cole
    Samantha Cole
    Education 3230
    TEP Program Administrator

    Responsible for providing support to the TEP Director as well as Program Coordinators, supervisors and lecturers, organizing community outreach and recruitment efforts, assisting with academic personnel actions, coordinating fellowship programs, organizing information meetings and various program events throughout the academic year.

  • Nadia Ratkowski
    Nadia Ratkowski
    Education 3230
    TEP Program Coordinator

    Responsible for managing applications and admissions, coordination applicant interviews, purchasing, providing SMI minor, pre-professional and MEd support, aiding and monitoring student registration, preparing ESCIs, website maintenance, collecting syllabi, ordering textbooks.

ITG/Computing Services

  • Bill Doering
    Bill Doering
    Education 4203E
    ITG Director

    Responsible for strategic planning, network, storage, security and database systems.

  • John Goubeaux
    John Goubeaux
    Education 4203C
    Identity & Systems Manager

    Responsible for Identity, e-mail, web DNS and additional services.

  • Mark McCann
    Mark McCann
    Education 4203
    Help Desk Manager for GGSE, IT Support for ETS

    Responsible for managing user support through the Help Desk as well as leading the technical team.