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Dewey Giving Society

“I invite you to join us in honoring and extending upon the inspiring work of John Dewey through your membership in the Gevirtz School’s Dewey Giving Society. Through your support, we will work together to develop and maintain exemplary programs of research, teaching, and service that guide meaningful changes at the local, national, and international level. As Dewey said, ‘I believe that education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform.’”

Jeffrey Milem
Dean and Professor, Gevirtz School

UC Santa Barbara has grown to become one of the world’s top ranked universities and the Gevirtz School is recognized as a powerhouse in our state and nation. Our donors are an integral part of our achievement and private support enables our school to chart a dynamic course with confidence - allowing us to respond to the unparalleled growth in knowledge and changes in our nation’s education system.

The Dewey Giving Society is the Gevirtz School’s premier donor society, recognizing a family of supporters at different levels who together provide the philanthropic advocacy to sustain and grow our vital graduate programs. The Dewey Giving Society was named after John Dewey, arguably the most influential American educational philosopher of the 20th century and a thought leader for progressive educational reform. Contributions from Dewey Giving Society members help achieve our mission of offering research and instructional programs which balance the valued goals of equity and excellence in education, while supporting the development of our increasingly diverse, democratic society.

Flexible annual gifts of $1,000+ and/or donor designated annual gifts of $10,000+ will qualify supporters as members of the Gevirtz School’s Dewey Giving Society. Flexible gifts are split between the Dean’s Opportunity Fund and John Dewey Fellowships for deserving Gevirtz School graduate students. The Dean’s Opportunity Fund is used at the discretion of the Dean to invest in impactful opportunities and emerging needs for the Gevirtz School and its community. John Dewey Fellowships are awarded to students at the discretion of the Dean.

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