Carol and Jim Dixon


“The biggest benefit of giving to the Gevirtz School is having the opportunity to pay back. We hope that the gift from our estate will help those who cannot afford graduate school, as well as make it easier for those in the program to concentrate on their research. Going forward, we can’t assume state funds alone will support the work of the school. In the future, we hope more friends will step up for the Gevirtz School.”
-- Dr. Carol Dixon, Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment Emeritus (pictured above with husband James Dixon)


“I received a lot of support as a student through grants and fellowships” about the GGSE five-year fellowship, dissertation fellowship, and Hosford Research Grant
 she received while here. “I am very thankful for the support that I received and wanted to contribute to the education of other students coming through.”
-- Jennifer Greif Green (Ph.D., Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology, 2007), Assistant Professor, School of Education, Boston University