School Certification

We currently offer on-site professional development workshops for groups across the United States and internationally who are interested in receiving training in Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT). These workshops are lecture style trainings with a focus on video examples to demonstrate the application of each PRT procedure. Case vignettes, group practice, and other hands-on exercises are also incorporated. A question and answer period is included, and allows for participants to engage in a dialogue with trainers and receive individualized support.

Our Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)® trainings provides a strong a strong knowledge base of PRT® research and methodology. Content typically covered includes; Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), History and Development of PRT®, PRT® service delivery model, delineation of pivotal areas and the corresponding interventions (i.e., motivation, responding to multiple cues, self-initiations, and self-management), motivational procedures of PRT® for teaching social-communication (including child attention and clear instructions, maintenance tasks, child choice, contingent reinforcement, reinforcement of communicative attempts, direct and natural reinforcement, types of opportunities for evoking language, creating learning opportunities in the natural environment), facilitating social interactions with typically developing peers, self-management, Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), and motivational academics. Trainings can be tailored to the specific needs of each agency or school.

Professionals also have the opportunity to become certified in PRT  at Level I, II and III through on-site workshops. Below are some more detailed information on our programs:


One to two day overview of PRT only. You will receive a basic knowledge of PRT and Level I Certification with Certificate. Pivotal Response Treatment is a empirically validated treatment with over 200 research articles validating it’s success for children with Autism.

  • Basic Motivational Procedures
  • Flexibility
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Motivational Academics
  • Initiations
  • Self-Management
  • Decreasing Problem Pehaviors


Lectures plus fidelity of implementation feedback.  Obtaining level II certification is necessary for teachers, as it will assure parents and school administrators that teachers are implementing the procedures correctly.  Meeting level II demonstrates that teachers are implementing the PRT motivational procedures correctly with one child.

  • In addition to our lectures, implementation of the Level II procedures is important and will include:
  • Lectures on teaching first and multiple word utterances in the classroom
  • In-vivo feedback.  Takes approximately 30 minutes per classroom to provide feedback and help teachers reach fidelity 
  • Feedback provided through videos- (Three 10 minute video required, one child in three settings). Teachers have the option to send in video clips and receive Level II Certification with Certificate.



Lectures plus fidelity of implementation feedback. It is important that teachers learn how to work with multiple children on the spectrum and the behaviors of children with autism vary considerably.  This is a spectrum disorder so each child is different, and how the PRT strategies are implemented differ depending on the expression of the symptoms across the ASD spectrum.  Teachers should receive level III certification because throughout their teaching experience they will work with a variety of different children, and this will show that their skills can be provided to a variety of different children with Fidelity of Implementation.  Meeting level III criteria to Fidelity of Implementation will ensure that teachers can implement PRT to a variety of different children.

  • Lectures on teaching providing PRT to a variety of different children
  • In-vivo feedback
  • Feedback provided through videos across behaviors and across children


Lectures plus fidelity of implementation. It is important that teachers know how to teach all of the various pivotal areas with Fidelity of Implementation, as each pivotal area results in large collateral gains in untargeted areas for children with autism.  Meeting Level IV will ensure that teachers can implement all of the PRT procedures correctly.

  • Lectures on self-management, initiations, and socialization
  • In- vivo feedback.  Approximately 30 minutes in classroom observing
  • Feedback provided through videos across different steps and pivotal area


*For more information on how to receive a training at your school or organization, please contact us at or at (805)893-2049.