Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Positions

CNCSP199RA and ED199RA are undergraduate courses offered through the UCSB Koegel Autism Center. We offer an opportunity for a limited number of students to acquire research and clinical experience while earning upper-division course units. We are looking for high-achieving students, with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Experience in the field of developmental disabilities is desirable, but not required.

Dr. Robert Koegel and Dr. Ty Vernon are professors for these research courses. Dr. Koegel accepts students from both courses and Dr. Vernon accepts CNCSP199RA students. In addition, each student works under a graduate student who trains, supervises, and assigns research and clinical tasks to him/her.

Research experience is a critical component in most graduate school applications. The UCSB Koegel Autism Center allows undergraduates to participate in all steps in the research process, under the close guidance and supervision of an experienced graduate student clinician. Undergrads may also have the opportunity to work directly with children with autism and their families and schools, again with close supervision.

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If you have further questions, please email us at autism@education.ucsb.edu and type "CNCSP199RA" or "ED199RA" on the subject line.

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants

Ellie Berry
Rylee Bonilla
Kenzie Breech
Katherine Byrne
Alvin Chiu
Yuna Choi
Kaylee Chuor
Ari D'Eredita
Anna Fues
Ronit Halmos
Max Higgins
Araceli Huerta
Brenna Krivashei
Justin Littleton
Rachel Moore
Jessica Prado
Augie Provencio
Anthony Quach
Maria Quinonez
Nadia Ratkowski
Jessica Reid
Ashley Rivera
Schyler Said
Gabby Saienni
Sydney Salgueiro
Brendan Soto
Helena Steffens
Clarissa Torres
Kelly Vien
Michelle Vu
Summer West
Kurtis Young


Undergraduate Research Projects

Utilizing Parent Choice Activities in Interactions with Children with ASD: A Means of Increasing Happiness in Parents (2014)

(Click to view PDF)

Heather Hilmoe, Rachel Cansler, Robert Koegel, Ph.D., Lynn Koegel, Ph.D., and Sunny Kim, M.A.


Increasing Food FLexibility in Adults and Adolescents with Autism Through Priming Intervention (2014)

(Click to view PDF)

Kelseee Kennedy, Ross Candelore, Brittany Koegel, & Lynn Koegel, Ph.D.


Embedding Social Reinfocers into Lunchtime Activities in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (2013)

(click to view PDF)

Erin Engstrom, Sunny Kim, M.A., Courtney Ribnick, M.Ed., Robert L. Koegel Ph.D


Improving Social Conversation Skills for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder through Visual Framework (2013)

(click to view PDF)

Jorge Monroy, Paige Kensil, Kristen Ashbaugh, M.A., Robert L. Koegel Ph.D


Incorporating Specific Motivational Variables into Structured Socialization Opportunities to Improve Interactions of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (click to view PDF) (2009)

John Danial, Sunny Kim, Derek Rubinstein B.A., Robert L. Koegel Ph.D., Rosy M. Fredeen Ph.D.