Parent Support Services

We are currently offering our Parent Education And Community Experience (PEACE) group!

Parenting a child on the autism spectrum can present unique challenges or experiences! Our groups are designed to build supportive and safe communities for you to share your experiences and to learn from others about ways to take care of yourself and those you love. These 6-10 week 90 minute/week virtual support groups will cover a variety of topics, including self-care tips, autism education and resources, stress management, interacting with your child, and many more. The groups are offered at no charge to families. Parents who wish to enroll must be willing to commit to all scheduled meetings and individuals need to be living in California to receive the service. Join us as we all work together to Be Well.

Potential Meeting Times

Thursday: 6-7:30PM PST
Fridays: 12-1:30PM PST

The 6-week group will begin March 28th, 2022. The 10-week group will begin April 4th, 2022. 

Please register via this online registration form: