Adult Program

Partnerships to promote independence, create opportunities, and maximize quality of life

Our Adult Services Programs focus on developing individualized, comprehensive treatment plans to support adults with ASD in achieving their optimal quality of life. We strive to support our clients' success in academic, vocational, and social domains using wrap-around supports including individual, group, peer-mediated, and family-focused interventions.

Our specific programs are described below:

Department of Rehabilitation

The Koegel Autism Center is authorized by the CA State Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) to provide Personal, Vocational, Social and Adjustment (PVSA) services, a free service for our qualifying clients. 

PVSA services are designed to mitigate the barriers to success in higher education and employment settings. Our services are individualized to the client’s needs and preferences, and may include goals such as improving social communication, developing social connections within the workplace or the campus community, improving organization and time management skills, academics, and/or daily living skills related to successful outcomes. Our PVSA services are generally provided on a 1:1 basis approximately 4 hours per week, which includes the Peer Mentor Program described below. 

PVSA services most often occur prior to job placement.  However, services may be appropriate after placement when an individual demonstrates behaviors that may result in loss of employment.

For UCSB students interested in the DOR services: We offer free Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnostic screenings to UCSB students who are interested in obtaining DOR services, but are unsure if they qualify for an ASD diagnosis. Screenings help us to determine whether the DOR program is a good fit for their individual needs. They typically last between 60 and 90 minutes, and a brief feedback (via phone call or in person) is provided to discuss findings of results and provision of referrals if necessary.

If you are interested in these services please fill out your information here!

Contact: Daina Tagavi at for more information on how to obtain these free services.

Peer Mentor Program

Typically, our adult clients meet with a doctoral-level student clinician 1 time per week to work on specific skills related to success in employment, higher education, and/or social settings. Sessions include specific behavioral interventions derived from Pivotal Response Treatment to improve social communication, as well as academic skills, organizational skills and daily living skills. 

In addition, clients are matched with a peer mentor who is an undergraduate or graduate student at UCSB. Peer mentors provide assistance on developing or practicing target skills out in the community environment. Sessions with peer mentors may include support in social settings (club meetings, dorm events, sports), study hours on campus, support in daily living tasks (such as housekeeping or choosing work appropriate clothing), and fun, motivating activities like dining in local restaurants, going to the beach, etc. Clients meet with their peer mentors an average of 2-3 times per week. 

Depending on individual need and preference, clients may be matched with a single peer mentor, or may see multiple peer mentors throughout the week. We strive to match our clients and peer mentors based on mutual interests and personality characteristics. 

This program is included as part of our DOR services. It is also available through private pay.

Contact: Anthony Osuna at for more information.