Pivotal Response Treatment - Multi-Day Intervention Program

Pivotal Response Treatment - Multi-Day Intervention Program


Our Pivotal Response Treament (PRT) Multi-Day Intervention Program is designed to help parents and caregivers learn and master a set of core autism intervention strategies that they can use with their child for years to come. 

Designed for families that live far from our center, our program teaches caregivers how to implement PRT a set of highly effective yet engaging strategies that are used to teach children with autism how to talk, socialize, play, learn, and manage challenging behaviors.  PRT is strongly backed by science - it is recognized as one of the leading comprehensive autism intervention models and was developed here at UCSB.

Families return home feeling confident and empowered with a comprehensive skillset they can then teach to other family members, school staff, and other professionals.


We offer two versions of our program: Three Day Intensive Therapy Program and our more comprehensive Five Day Intensive Therapy Program.

Each program is tailored to the unique needs of your child and targets core areas of development, such as social engagement, language development, social interaction skills, flexibility, and behavioral regulation skills. Our unique program utilizes the latest strategies drawn from the motivation-based autism intervention research (PRT, Social Tools and Rules for Teens/Transitions socialization strategies, self-management, and positive behavior support).

Our intervention programs are geared towards children ages 2-7 years old who are non-verbal or minimally verbal to promote language development, communication, and socialization, as well as verbally fluent children who seek to promote social interaction skills and positive behavior support. At this time, our program is not geared towards individuals with aggressive and severely disruptive behaviors. Please contact our center for more information or if you wish to receive alternative referrals and resources.

Each day, your family will participate in a 2-hour morning and 2-hour afternoon session with a break for lunch, for a total of 4 hours each day. Parents will be involved during the entire program, and other adult caretakers and family members are encouraged to join. Families typically stay in a local hotel and travel to the center for program appointments.

Our intervention programs are led by our advanced clinicians, who are highly trained and experienced doctoral students in the fields of clinical psychology and special education. Dr. Anna Krasno (our clinical director and licensed clinical psychologist) oversees program development and implementation.


Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact us at autism@education.ucsb.edu or  805.893.2049 during business hours.


Please complete our online registration form below if you are interested in the program, and our team will be in contact with you once we have an available appointment.