Toddler Program

Cutting-edge early intervention targeting social motivation and developmental competencies

The Koegel Autism Center is currently developing a cutting edge Toddler Program that will focus on the development and implementation of novel approaches to remedy the core symptoms of autism in young children. Drawing from a foundation of naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions, the program will focus on the promotion of synergistic parent-child interactions that generate crucial social momentum and jumpstart child development.

Rewarding Engagement and Adaptive Communication in Children (REACCH) Program (CLOSED)

The Koegel Autism Center is currently recruiting participants for a research study to examine the benefits of REACCH program: a playgroup for infants ages 9-24 months. This 10-week program, for parents and infants, is designed to support early social development. REACCH focuses on supporting social engagement through the use of motivating play activities and behavioral principles. This program is designed for infants falling slightly behind expected milestones in social development. Target areas include: gesture use, eye contact, shared enjoyment, vocalizations, and emerging play skills. 

To be eligible, families should have a child between the ages of 9 and 24 months, have concerns about your child's social or language development, and have the ability to travel to UCSB's Koegel Autism Center on a weekly basis for 10 sessions.

Qualifying for this group does not mean that an infant will go on to receive an ASD diagnosis.

If you are intered in participating in this study, please contact Elizabeth McGarry at

UPDATE 1/11/20222: Currently, the REACCH program is not being offered. Please check out our Multi-Day Intervention program for more information.