Bios & Post for COVID-19 journal project

Bios and Posts for A Gevirtz School COVID-19 Journaling Project

Diana J. Arya is Assistant Professor in Education and Faculty Director of the McEnroe Reading and Language Arts Clinic. She studies the development of community-based, interdisciplinary literacy practices of learning and innovation from preadolescence through adulthood.

Will my child fall behind in their education because of this pandemic? - Diana Arya 7-7-2020

Adapting and Evolving: Diana Arya 6-15-2020

Holdfast: Diana Arya 5-31-2020

A Brave New World for Education: Diana Arya, May 14, 2020

Thank you for avoiding me: Diana Arya, 5-1-2020

Doing the Next Right Thing: Diana Arya 4-24-2020

Coronadventures in Academia: Diana Arya 4-15-2020

Devon Azzam, Gevirtz School Assistant Director of Outreach, is sheltering in place at home in Santa Barbara with partner Tarek, daughter Sophia (10) and son Dominic (7). Last day in the office 3/13, last day in the water 3/20, last day unmasked in public 4/3, last meltdown a few hours ago. Still running, gardening and listening to the trees.

The Power of Partnership: Devon Azzam, 5-21-2020

Savoing Solitude: Devon Azzam, 5-15-2020

“Student Good News” Is Good News: Devon Azzam, 5-7-2020

Rescuing YAG: Devon Azzam, 4-30-2020

Sowing the SEED Project: Devon Azzam 4-23-2020

Keeping on Course at Harding: Devon Azzam 4-8-2020

Nature without the Nature: Devon Azzam, 4-1-2020

Mary Franitza is a first year MA/PhD student in the Department of Education. She started her quarantine with a frantic two-day road trip from Santa Barbara to a small coastal corner of Wisconsin. Mary is spending her time social distancing with her adult family members, two parents (sixty-four), and sister (thirty) and her just as adult cats, Dodger (soon to be ten) and Socrates (probably thirteen). Whilst at home, Mary is still responsible for work with high school seniors at Santa Barbara High School and tending to her course load and research. Mary is approaching quarantine with a critical feminist lens as she watches the pandemic unfold in her hometown.

Throwing Stones: Mary Franitza 5-11-2020

Considering May Day Mid-Pandemic: Mary Franitza, 5-4-2020

Cats, Casseroles, Coping: Mary Franitza, 4-26-2020

Voting in Wisconsin: Mary Franitza 4-17-2020

Michelle Grue is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Education, working toward a doctoral emphasis in Writing Studies while serving as the Writing and Literature Fellow at the College of Creative Studies. A proud #ScholarMom, Michelle is sheltering in place with her active, inquisitive, adorable, and at times exhausting five-year-old and her very patient (introverted) husband in Ventura County, CA - about an hour south of UCSB. She is practicing shelter-in-place self-care through journaling (personal and professional), arts (painting and singing) and crafts (macramé and preschool silliness), and taking walks (face covering on).

Relationships and Routine: Michelle Grue 5-6-2020

Grief and the New Normal: Michelle Grue, 4-22-20

Camille Kavon, a Lecturer in the Teacher Education Program, is safer at home in Oxnard with her son Hayden. Her last day on a K-8 school campus was March 13th and she is currently a remote learning instructor for 132 middle school students.

Space, Virtual Space, and Garden Space: Camille Kavon, 5-11-2020

Pieces of the Remote Learning Puzzle: Camille Kavon, 5-1-2020

Looking for Grace: Camille Kavon, 4-17-20

Lila Kia-Keating is a 4th grader who lives with her family in Santa Barbara. When she isn't reading or writing, you can probably find her riding bikes with her brother or making friends with the neighborhood animals.

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Post 7: A 4th-grader's Journal in Quarantine--Lila Kia-Keating, July 21, 2020

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Post 6: A 4th-grader's Journal in Quarantine--Lila Kia-Keating, May 24, 2020

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Post 5: A 4th-grader's Journal in Quarantine--Lila Kia-Keating, May 14, 2020

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Post 4: A 4th-grader's Journal in Quarantine--Lila Kia-Keating, May 7, 2020

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Post 3: A 4th-grader's Journal in Quarantine--Lila Kia-Keating, May 1, 2020

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Post 2: A 4th-grader's Journal in Quarantine--Lila Kia-Keating, April 22, 2020

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Post 1: A 4th-grader's Journal in Quarantine--Lila Kia-Keating, April 15, 2020

Cameron Dexter Torti is a first-year PhD student in the Department of Education at GGSE. He previously taught in classrooms ranging from elementary self-contained to high school social studies for six years in California, Texas, and Louisiana. He is currently "safer-at-home" in San Diego, where he and his wife are subletting part of the living room from their cats for "work from home" spaces.

Golden Girls: Cameron Dexter Torti 5-8-20

Sharpening the axe during a global pandemic: Cameron Dexter Torti 4-30-2020

If you give a grad student a deadline...: Cameron Dexter Torti, 4-27-2020

Far Away TA: Cameron Dexter Torti 4-7-2020

Christina Wilburn is a mama of a 3yr old and the GGSE Academic Personnel Coordinator. She loves to skate, especially with the local roller derby team, the Brawlin’ Betties, but this quarantine has got her brawlin’ with her computer monitor (too much screen time) instead.

Working Remotely with a Three Year Old: Christina Wilburn 4-17-2020

Bugging Out: Christina Wilburn 5-15-2020