Frequently Asked Questions

*Please note that the application deadline to be admitted for Fall 2023 is November 15th, 2022.*

I am interested in attending the next informational meeting. Could you let me know when it is and where?

The CCSP Department is currently not hosting information meetings, but we invite you to view the brief presentation, highlighting the application process.

How long does it take to complete your program?

Ph.D. program = an average of 6 years (1 year is in a culminating internship setting)

PPS Credential (Concurrently earned with a PhD in School Psychology)

Is it possible to study a field not offered by any of your current faculty?

Faculty admit students who have similar research interests to their own. When applying to our program it’s important that you review our faculty research and academic interests and note on your application which faculty you’d like to work with and the area (counseling, clinical, or school) that best fits with your professional goals.

Applicants applying to our program are admitted by the faculty according to their research interests (i.e., faculty with counseling as their specialty will bring in a student with counseling as their emphasis).

Can I transfer to your program?

If a student is admitted, there is no guarantee that classes taken at another institution will waive the required courses at UCSB. However, every effort is made to make this transition as smooth as possible. New students submit the syllabus and course papers to the advisor and instructor of each course that they would like to use as part of their degree program at UCSB. It will be determined at that time, if the course content is the same as the CCSP course and that you (the student) know the material. Students who are admitted to the doctoral program may be given credit for certain equivalent graduate courses completed at another institution. The instructor of the course and the student’s advisor upon petition will make this decision. If accepted to the program, students should discuss any course program substitutions with their advisor and be certain that any required documentation is filed with our Student Affairs Office.

Can I meet with a faculty member?

Although they would like to meet with each prospective applicant, the amount of inquiries far exceeds the time they have available to do so. Our program staff can answer any questions you may have at

I want to be a high school guidance counselor, will your program prepare me for this?

No, our Ph.D. program does not prepare you for a career as a high school guidance counselor. You may want to check with California State universities as many of them have excellent programs. The book Peterson’s Guide to Graduate Schools is also a good reference. See the California Association of School Counselors website for more information.