Access Card

ACCESS Cards are needed to access some rooms in the Education building as well as after hours entry.

To obtain one of these cards, please follow the steps below:
1) Attain an access card authorization form from Amy Meredith in room #4111.
2) Take the signed form to the UCEN at the ACCESS card photo center, pay the $25 charge for the card, and have your picture taken. There will be a lag time of at least 48 hours between the UCEN issuing an access card and our ability to add building access to that card.
3) The fee for replacing a damaged card is $10 and it's $25 to replace a lost card.

*** Each GGSE student will be given access to the areas of the building they have been approved for based on employment and faculty authorization. Access levels can be adjusted at the discretion of the access card administrator. ***