Doctoral Student Travel Grants

GGSE has a small amount of funding available to use toward the cost of traveling to present at a conference or meeting.  If you have had a presentation or poster accepted for a conference or meeting and do not qualify for the Academic Senate’s doctoral student travel grant, you have the opportunity to apply for travel funds through your applicable department.

To receive theses funds, applicants must be registered in at least 8 units and be in good academic and financial standing during the quarter in which the funds are received.  The conference must be important to the student’s discipline.  To qualify, applicants must be invited or selected to present a paper, research, poster or exhibit at a major professional conference or meeting.


Allowable expenses are the actual cost of the airline ticket or equivalent ground transportation to and from the conference or meeting. Original receipts will be required. Any travel other than a direct route from Santa Barbara to the conference location must be approved by the Academic Senate prior to departure. Travel Grant funds may NOT be used to pay for lodging, per diem, local travel or other expenses. Travel vouchers and original receipts for approved travel must be submitted to the Academic Senate within 10 days of completion of the trip. Travel award funds will not be held in reserve for late vouchers.

Maximum funding is as follows:
• $350 California
• $685 All other U.S. Locations, Mexico, Canada
• $1,030 Puerto Rico, Europe
• $1,200 Central or South America
• $1,400 Asia, Africa, Middle East, South Pacific


Education issues a call for travel grant applications to be submitted twice a year, typically in early Fall and Winter quarters.  Students will receive an email from the Vice Chair when applications are being accepted.  Award amounts are based on the location of the conference and may vary from year to year based on funding.  For 2015-16: $350 in-state, $685 out-of-state, Canada and Mexico, $1,030 Europe, $1200 Central and South America,  $1400 Asia and Africa. Students are eligible for one award per academic year and are to be used for the sole purpose of conference travel and presentation.