Description of Services

Hosford offers a variety of psychological services designed to meet the needs of the community including:

  • Individual therapy for adults, children, and adolescents

  • Couples and family therapy

  • Psychological assessment

    The clinic offers individual adult, adolescent, and child treatment as well as family and couples therapy. The clinic staff aims to provide you with treatment that is culturally-responsive, validated by recent research, and matched to your individual needs. In addition, a staff psychiatrist is available to our clients for medication consultation and management. Clinicians also consult and collaborate with other medical, psychological, and educational professionals when necessary.

    The primary clinicians are graduate students in the UCSB’s Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology doctoral program. They are learning the most up-to-date information from leading mental health researchers. Our supervisors are faculty members who are both experienced therapists and nationally known for their innovative research on a variety of mental health areas.

    Your needs are first assessed as part of a phone screening in order to determine whether it is likely that we are able to provide services that meet your needs. If you need services that we are unable to offer, we will provide you with referrals. If it seems likely that we can be helpful, we will schedule an intake.

    The purpose of the intake is to get to know you better and to learn more about your concerns so that we can match your needs with the clinicians and supervisors who are available. Lastly, after the intake the Case Assignment Team will determine whether we can provide the most appropriate services and make a decision on whether to begin treatment or provide you with more suitable referrals.

    While you are in treatment you may explore psychological assessment options with your clinician in order to determine whether assessment/testing is appropriate and, if so, what type of instruments should be administered. Psychological assessment is often helpful in the early stages of treatment to evaluate your needs and to aid in setting treatment goals.

    Please check out each of our centers to find services that seem right for you. Or give us a call and a student supervisor will be happy to explain our services to you.

    The Hosford clinic is often able to provide psychotherapy in Spanish in addition to English. Occasionally student clinicians will have other language proficiencies, please feel free to inquire if one of our current clinicians can conduct therapy in language other than English.

    Mind & Behavior Assessment Clinic

    Center for Positive Psychology

    Trauma, Recovery, and Resilience Center