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Top 5 Reasons to Follow Our New Facebook Page

We are excited to announce our new and improved Facebook Page that combines news from all the different corners of the Gevirtz School. We are so proud of our outstanding faculty and students who are working to inform and improve educational practice and public policy. Follow us on Facebook to see highlights of our student and faculty accomplishments, learn about new initiatives, and keep tabs on all our events. If you need more convincing, we’ve chosen our Top 5 reasons why you should follow GGSE on Facebook.

  1. We Are among the Top 25 in Best Global Universities
    In U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 Best Global Universities, UC Santa Barbara is ranked #24 overall in the world, and #8 among public universities in the United States. With world-class research produced by our distinguished faculty and exceptional graduate students, the Gevirtz School continues to be a hub of educational innovation.
  2. 50 Years of Graduate Status
    The School of Education was founded in 1961 and then transitioned to graduate level status in 1967. We are celebrating 50 years of graduate status throughout the 1950 Riviera Commencement201718 academic year. Our Facebook Page will feature interviews from our accomplished alumni and distinguished emeriti faculty as they reflect on their time here and recount all the transitions over the years – including our time at the Riviera Campus. Don’t miss our stories of the people who helped shape our future leaders in education and psychology.
  3. Our Two New Lecture Series
    When Dean Milem came to UCSB in July 2016, he realized the school needed more ways to connect with the community. Therefore he initiated two new lecture series: “Fast & Curious: ED Talks from UCSB’s Gevirtz School” and the “Dean’s Lecture on Education, Diversity and Democracy.” This November 6th we will already be holding the third Fast & Curious, an evening when six faculty, students, and alumni give no more than eight minute talks about how their research or teaching is shaping education. Dean Milem himself kicked off the second series to a full UCSB MultiCultural Center Theater on October 12. Note that we often FB Live these events. And then videos of the talks are posted on our website.
  4. Impact of Your Gift
    Some of our finest accomplishments are achieved with the philanthropic support of foundations and individual donors including alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and 2016 CCSP graduationmembers of our local education community. We will be sharing the impact of your generosity and commitment on the programs and initiatives that you care about, and what’s more on our students, who just like you years ago need financial assistance to make it through graduate school.
  5. Because you are an important part of the GGSE family
    Whether you graduated from the Department of Counseling Clinical and School Psychology (CCSP), the Department of Education, or the Teacher Education Program (TEP), you are a part of the vibrant community of Gevirtz School alumni. We want to celebrate your accomplishments and highlight the impact of our alumni on work happening right now. Find out about new initiatives from your favorite mentor, or updates from one of our many Clinics & Centers, ones where you might have worked.

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