Sponsoring a Visiting Scholar

First Steps

If you've agreed to be a faculty sponsor for a visiting scholar, contact your Department Program Assistant:

  • Education: Position currently vacant, please contact progoffice@education.ucsb.edu
  • CCSP: Maria Sanchez, mgsanchez4@ucsb.edu
  • The Program Assistants will act as a liaison and assist the visitor with their J-1 VISA process. Send them the visitor's name and email along with a copy of your "Letter of Invitation" for them. Your letter must detail the following:
  • The exact arrival and departure dates (cannot exceed 12 months).
  • No departmental funding or employment will be provided. 
  • It is the visitor's responsibility to secure their own housing.
  • May use the Library, have technology access, and can attend GGSE courses with Instructor approval (for no credit).
  • Visitors will have shared office space.

General Information for Faculty Sponsors

The OISS and the VISA process

  1. OISS requires a MINIMUM OF 3 MONTHS prior to the arrival date to prepare DS-2019 paperwork. No exceptions!
  2. When planning a visit foreign visitors should review the UCSB Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) website first for current information about funding and the mandatory health insurance requirements.   
  3. Department of Education Faculty Sponsors must interview prospective J-1 visitors and provide signature approval of their "Certification of English Language Proficiency" before a DS-2019 will be issued. The signature form will be provided to Faculty Sponsors by the Program Assistant.
  4. If arrival/departure dates change, notify the Program Assistants. J-1 visitors may fluctuate within 30 days before or after, no more.
  5. There is no express mail service. Departments mail all DS-2019 packets standard foreign delivery and they cannot be tracked. Packets mailed out of the U.S. take approximately 5-6 weeks to be received.  If a DS-2019 packet is lost and must be replaced, it is the visitor's responsibility to adjust their travel plans and obtain a revised "Letter of Invitation" from their sponsor if necessary.

Departmental policies

  • Departments do not provide any funding, housing, supplies, nor express mail services for visiting scholars.
  • Housing needs: Sponsors may be asked to assist with this.
  • No "official" certificate of attendance is provided to scholars.
  • UCSB NetID: Upon arrival and completion of campus paperwork a technology account is available within 5-10 days.
  • The UC “Patent/Oath” form is mandatory: All visitors are required to sign this upon arrival to the department.
  • Amenities: Lockers or an "Access Card" for Ed building access are optional and available for a fee.
  • No email account nor mailbox is provided for visiting scholars. Visitors should use their own email account and home address.