CORE talk on March 12, 2015

Conversations on Research in Education (CORE)

The Conversations on Research in Education (CORE) Lunch Series provides the GGSE and greater UCSB community with an opportunity to discuss research ideas and questions. Specifically, the meeting provide a forum for faculty/researchers to present studies or projects in progress and receive/offer feedback. Past topics have included “Cutting a Path for NSF Funding Opportunities: Thinking Differently," “A Blessing and a Curse: Modeling Flexibility with Mixture Models,” and "SOCIAL=SUCCESS: Why Learning How to Make Friends Might Be the Most Important Lesson Taught in School."

The previous CORE talk:

Yukari Okamoto gave the  talk “Spatial reasoning in the early years: Principles, assertions, and speculations” on Wednesday, May 27.

Over the past several years, “spatial reasoning” has gained renewed prominence among mathematics educators, as spatial skills are proving to be not just essential to mathematical understanding but also strong predictors of future success beyond the classroom in fields such as science, technology, and engineering. Dr. Okamoto has been collaborating with an interdisciplinary team of mathematicians, mathematics educators, and cognitive scientists across North America and Australia in order to understand the role of spatial reasoning in and out of the classroom. The team’s conclusion is that there is a strong need to “spatialize” the mathematics curriculum. Dr. Okamoto discussed why spatial reasoning is critical while providing examples of spatial activities in the early years classrooms.