CORE talk on March 12, 2015

Conversations on Research in Education (CORE)

The Conversations on Research in Education (CORE) Lunch Series provides the GGSE and greater UCSB community with an opportunity to discuss research ideas and questions. Specifically, the meeting provide a forum for faculty/researchers to present studies or projects in progress and receive/offer feedback. Past topics have included “Cutting a Path for NSF Funding Opportunities: Thinking Differently," “A Blessing and a Curse: Modeling Flexibility with Mixture Models,” and "SOCIAL=SUCCESS: Why Learning How to Make Friends Might Be the Most Important Lesson Taught in School."

The next CORE talk:

Andres Consoli will present the lecture "Facilitative Factors in Mental Health Care Access and Utilization by Latin@s: Learning from Our Clients” on April 14, 12-1 pm in the Don Gevirtz Boardroom, ED 4108. While there has been ample documentation of the barriers in accessing care and widespread underutilization of mental health services by Latin@s, a growing literature is focusing on instances of realized care and successful outcomes. This presentation underscores facilitative factors in accessing and utilizing mental health
services. It highlights culturally congruent dimensions such as confianza (trust) and the bridging of stigma by Latin@s. It also offers a metaphor that frames successful experiences,
caldeamiento (approx., warming), a process that fosters access and utilization.