Curie-osity Project Kickoff Class

The Curie-osity Project

A collaborative effort between the McEnroe Reading Clinic and Girls Inc., the Curie-osity Project introduces young women in grades 4 through 6 to the women scientists and engineers of the UC Santa Barbara community.

The students:

  • Read and then hold discussions about famous women scientists, considering what we know, what we would want to know (if we had the chance to ask),
  • Develop an interview protocol for learning about current female scientists and engineers,
  • Visit labs and research sites of these female scientists and engineers
  • Conduct interviews and explore and engage in some of the work that they do,
  • Collect written, audio/video records of visits and interviews
  • Use these records to create summaries about each featured scientist/engineer,
  • Consolidate these summaries to create a book on women scientists and engineers of Santa Barbara.