Wall with student-painted tiles outside the school

Harding University Partnership School Community Resource Center

The Harding Community Resource Center will expand the successful collaborations at the Harding University Partnership School by providing more physical space for services and community groups, thereby expanding suppports for HUPS families as well as providing support to residents of the Santa Barbara Westside community who do not have an enrolled student at Harding.  

The Santa Barbara Unified School District School Board and the Santa Barbara City Council have unanimously approved the creatiion of the Harding Community Resource Center. The Gevirtz School is working closely with Santa Barbara Unified School District to design and construct a new building to the Harding Community Resource Center.

Input from the community is critical to the success of this project. If you would like to be informed of upcoming planning sessions and focus groups, please email the Community Resource Center Coordinator. 

Schools at the Center of Healthy Communities

The Center is a unified collaboration—led by UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz School of Education —that takes a holistic approach to supporting the Westside community. Informed by the groundbreaking work of researchers including Nicholas Hobbs and Geoffrey Canada (Harlem Children’s Zone), this approach brings together existing social supports, for example SBACT and the Westside Health Collaborative, and will establish opportunities for additional partners to enrich the lives of all neighborhood residents. We envision the Center as a one-stop community resource for legal aid, language lessons, child care, healthcare, after-school programs, prenatal classes, fine arts education, computer tutoring, bicycling groups, senior yoga, and more.

Research-Driven Collaboration

UCSB and the Gevirtz School have partnered with Harding for over a decade, so the Center is a natural extension to the successful collaboration. This Harding University Partnership has enhanced the learning and development of students at Harding and their families, through educational, social, and psychological interventions. At the same time, students and researchers from UCSB have learned from the students, parents, teachers, and administrators at Harding. UCSB has resources and experts to coordinate and document the implementation of evidence-based practices. Through our collaboration, we hope to document our processes, successes, and challenges in order to create a blueprint for school-centered, more equitable communities.