Polict Goes to School Kick-off Lecture

Policy Goes to School Lecture Series

UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, supported by the UCSB Committee on Education Policy, announces the 2016-17 “Policy Goes to School” Lecture Series. The three talks – all free and open to the public – will examine areas where current academic research sheds light on policy dilemmas in education, concerning topics such as special education, history, and cost-benefit analyses.

“Academic research often operates in silos, limited to providing empirical information to small audiences. ‘Policy Goes to School’ is an effort to expand the scope and reach of our research endeavors,” says Department of Sociology Professor Victor Rios, a member of UCSB Committee on Education Policy. “The goal is to translate solid evidence into applicable, practical, and sound solutions for the most pressing issues in education today.”

Fall Quarter: Wednesday, October 12, 1-2 pm, 4108 Education Building

Michael Gottfried of UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz Graduate School of Education will give the first lecture “Children with Disabilities in Full-Day Kindergarten: Effects & Policy Implications." For more details about this lecture see the press release about it.

Winter Quarter: January 30, 12 noon - 1 pm, 4108 Education Building

Ethan Hutt, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership in the School of Education at the University of Maryland College Park, will give the lecture "Long-Term Relationships: How Longitudinal Datasets Shaped Our Views of Educational Attainment, Inequality, and the American School System." For more details about this lecture see the press release about it.


Brooks BowdenSpring Quarter: Monday, June 5, 2 - 3 pm, 1213 Education Building

Brooks Bowden, an Assistant Professor of Methods and Policy in the School of Education at North Carolina State University, will give the lecture "Simplifying Cost Research Design for Educational Field Trials."




The UCSB Committee on Education Policy: 

Michael Gottfried, Chair (Department of Education)
Sharon Conley (Department of Education)
Russell Rumberger (Department of Education)
Kelly Bedard (Department of Economics)
Victor Rios (Department of Sociology)
Edward Telles (Department of Sociology)