Center for Environmental Communication & Education (CECE)

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Marine Science Institute (MSI)

The Center for Environmental Communicaton & Education (CECE) is a facilty at UC Santa Barbara creating a network of interdisciplinary partnerships that share a vision of effective science communication. Our mission is two fold (1) to research, develop, test, and promote best practices in environmental communication and education and (2) to improve literacy and foster a greater sence of stewardship across all segments of the population.

There is an urgent need to improve the way environmental sciences inform the public discourse and to empowere communities as they make decisions that affect the heald and futuree of the planet. Recognizing the critical role of science communication and education, CECE explores how environmental information is best learned and shared.


  • A TEST-BED for developing new strategies in environmental communicatoin
  • TOOL & TRAINING to empower scienctist and educators in commmunicating their work
  • OUTREACH to actively engage and educate the public in environmental stewardship
  • SCIENCE ADVOCACY to highlight the relevance of science in decision-making
  • PRODUCTION FACILITIES to publicize successes in basic and applied environmental reseach