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K12 Teacher

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Teacher Professional Development


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UCSB Center for Mathematical Inquiry

CMI offers year-round professional development to support STEM-related endeavors in Southern California schools. Our workshops are grounded in the principles of Inquiry Based Learning (IBL), and emphasize sense-making through authentic experiences in mathematics. All CMI projects and grade-level workshops align with current State Mathematic Standards and support teachers in understanding the rich and complex nature of mathematical development. The Center’s projects create a full range of support for young learners through differentiated curriculum, instruction, and assessments. The center has funding to partially support professional development for teachers and seeks cost-sharing arrangements with local districts whenever possible.

CMI offers workshops for in-service K-12 teachers that include on-site in-class support from workshop facilitators. We have organized summer workshops and have partnered with local school districts for academic year workshops since 2006.  We have also developed K-6 resources to help in-service teachers bring Common Core-aligned state adopted curriculum into their classrooms. For more information on our workshops or to ask about bringing a workshop to your school, contact Monica Mendoza.