Applied Psychology Minor

Note:  If you are planning on beginning Applied Psychology coursework, you are required to petition to declare the minor beforehand. 

Applied Psychology Minor Worksheet 2019-2020

Applied Psychology Minor Worksheet 2020-2021

Applied Psychology Minor Worksheet 2021-2022

We are excited to offer you an Applied Psychology Minor. We hope that you will consider the numerous academic and career opportunities available among the various professions in applied psychology. 

Our mission is to provide UCSB undergraduates with high-quality courses that provide an overview of health service psychology (e.g., counseling, clinical, & school psychology), and applied behavioral health and wellness research across community and school settings.  Students have opportunities to be involved in the areas of excellence for which our CCSP department is known. This includes autism; school violence, school safety, and bullying; disaster mental health; helping skills; positive psychology; multicultural counseling; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues; and evaluation and improvement of community-based mental/beahvioral health programs.

Our highly-respected department is at the cutting edge of research, practice, and training. Our commitment to you is to make the AP minor an educational option that will make you more aware of mental health and wellness issues and help you to explore research and related career options in applied psychology.

Students who are interested in the Applied Psychology Minor must petition to declare the minor before they begin coursework for the minor. Certain course registration will be restricted to seniors who have already petitioned to declare the minor during Pass I, and juniors who have already petitioned to declare the minor during remaining passes.


2021-2022 Requirements (20 Units Required)

Core Courses (Two courses required):

  • CNCSP 101 Introduction to Helping Skills: Theory, Research and Practice (4 Units)
  • CNCSP 102 Research in Applied Psychology (4 Units)

Elective Courses (Fill remaining units with elective courses):

  • CNCSP 104 Innovations in Health Equity Research: Participatory Action with Communities (4 units)
  • CNCSP 110 Intro to Educational & Vocational Guidance (4 units)
  • CNCSP 111 Identity and Pluralism (4 units)
  • CNCSP 112 Positive Psychology (4 units)
  • CNCSP 114 Psych of Gender (4 units)
  • CNCSPW 116 Bisexuality: From Margin to Center (4 units)
  • CNCSP 197*, 199** or 199RA**
  • ED 111 Intro to Child and Adolescent Development (4 units)***
  • ED 125 Schooling in the U.S. [Particularly appropriate for those interested in school counseling/psychology]***
  • ED 190 Intro to Autism (Pre-req: Psych 1, minimum 3.0 GPA) (4 units)***
  • ED 199**** or 199RA****

*Students may apply a maximum of 4 units of CNCSP 197 toward the elective requirement.

**Students may apply only 4 units of 199 or 199RA toward the elective requirement. 199/199RA units must be taken for a Letter Grade to be considered.

***Both seniors and juniors enrolled in the Applied Psych minor must wait until Pass 2 to enroll in ED courses. ED W 125 is the online version of ED 125.

****Students must complete the ED 199/199RA-specific form to verify the independent study/research is relevant to the minor. There is a maximum of 4 units that can be applied to the student's minor and they must be taken for a Letter Grade to be considered.

If you have concerns about completing your elective units, please email

Students are encouraged to enroll in classes early and/or to consider completing some courses in Summer Session as space is limited. There is a high possibility that you will not be able to complete the courses due to popularity and space availability.


Student Affairs Office
Education 4100 (4th floor lobby)
For questions or advising please email:

Ty Vernon, Faculty Advisor
Education 2143

To find out how to declare the minor, go to our webpage: