Science and Mathematics Education Minor

Science and Mathematics Education Minor Worksheet 2015-2016

The Science and Mathematics Education Minor is for science, mathematics, and engineering undergraduates interested in teaching mathematics or science. Undergraduates who enroll in the Science and Mathematics Education Minor will gain a deeper understanding of science and mathematics content, students and student learning, instructional strategies effective in conveying content to students, and the structure and purposes of schools. They will observe, help design, and participate in the teaching of science or mathematics to elementary, middle, and high school students.

This minor is an integral part of UCSB’s CalTeach/Science and Mathematics Initiative. CalTeach/SMI is a UC-wide initiative intended to recruit more STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) undergraduates into secondary science and mathematics teaching, and to better prepare these beginning teachers to meet the needs of diverse learners in California’s public schools. Participating departments at UCSB include: Education (ED); Mathematics (MATH); Chemistry (CHEM); Ecology Evolution and Marine Biology (EEMB); Physics (PHYS); and Environmental Studies (ENV S).

Science and Mathematics Education Minor course requirements 

Students are required to complete 18 units from the courses below.

CalTeach (One course required):

  • ED 130 CalTeach, Secondary Mathematics Education (3 units)
  • ED 131 CalTeach, Secondary Science Education (3 units)

Education Core (Two courses required):

  • ED 111 Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development (4 units)
  • ED 123 Culture, Development and Education (4 units)
  • ED 125 Schooling in the U.S. (4 units)

Disciplinary Content (One course required):

  • ED 133 Physics and Everyday Thinking (4 units)
  • *ED 136/ENV S 136 Green Works: Exploring Technology and the Search for Sustainability (4 units)
  • EEMB 127 Plant Biology and Biodiversity (4 units)
  • ENV S 149/ANTH 149/GEOG 161 World Agriculture, Food and Population (4 units)
  • MATH 181A/ED 134 Advanced Problem Solving in Mathematical, Historical, and Pedagogical Contexts (4 units)
  • PHYS 120 Physics of California Waves, Weather, Quakes and Fires (4 units)

Disciplinary Practicum (One course required):

  • CHEM 102 Chemistry in the Community: The Process of Learning and Teaching Science (4 units)
  • EEMB 182 Communicating Ocean Science (3 units)
  • *EEMB 189/ENV S 191 Nature and Science Education Practicum (4 units)
  • ENV S 127A Foundations of Environmental Education (4 units)
  • ENV S 166 FP Small-Scale Food Production (5 units)
  • MATH 181B/ED 135 Advanced Problem Solving in Mathematical, Historical and Pedagogical Contexts (4 units)
  • PHYS 160J Physics Outreach (2 units, must be taken two times, does not need to be consecutive)

Preparatory Courses (Recommended, not required. Will not count toward minor unit requirements):

  • ED 128 (formerly 3A) CalTeach, Elementary Mathematics Education (3 units)
  • ED 129 (formerly 4A) CalTeach, Elementary Science Education (3 units)

Through a grant (CCLI) provided by the National Science Foundation, the Science and Mathematics Education Minor includes environmentally-focused, pedagogically innovative science courses. These courses are identified with a (*). They share common themes including environmental sustainability, formulating and evaluating evidence-based arguments, connecting science, technology, society, and education, and finally, modeling pedagogy for prospective science teachers.


Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Susan Johnson, UCSB CalTeach Program Director, Department of Education

Dr. Darby Feldwinn,UCSB CalTeach Faculty, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Christopher Ograin, UCSB CalTeach Faculty, Departments of Mathematics/Education

Dr. Julie Bianchini, UCSB CalTeach Faculty Director, Department of Education

Student Affairs Advisor:
Undergraduate Contact