The Graduate Student Association in Education names its elected officials for 2012-13; other students take leadership in university-wide GSA

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Graduate Students Association in Education (GSAE) – the official students’ association that exists to promote and represent the interests of students in the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education to the UC Santa Barbara campus community on administrative, academic, and student affairs – has announced its elected officials for 2012-13.

Torrey Trust – President          
Tatzia Langlo – VP Budget & Records        
Jomeline Balatayo – VP Communications        
Natalia Avila – VP Internal Relations         
Rachel Wigginton – VP External Relations 

As a body of student representatives, the GSAE consists of elected officers as well as the general student population. Decisions are made by consensus, with all members having a voice in decision-making. The purpose of the association is to promote student participation in a manner that is rewarding, challenging, and supportive. Some of the responsibilities of GSAE are to provide mentorship and relay campus information to new and continuing students. The Council also organizes and participates in numerous events including the Fall Orientation and Spring Graduation Reception, as well as colloquia on topics of interest to graduate students throughout the year.

Additionally, several Gevirtz School students have been elected to serve as officers in the UCSB campus-wide Graduate Student Association (GSA). Those students are:

Mario Galicia, Jr. – President
Gary Haddow – VP Academic Affairs
Caitlin Rathe – VP Budget & Finance
Ellie Sciaky – VP External Affairs

The Graduate Students Association is the elected representative government for UCSB graduate students. It works to: (1) ensure that graduate student concerns are addressed in campus and off-campus policy decisions, (2) provide graduate students with information concerning decisions that are relevant to student life, and (3) provide social activities for UCSB graduate students. The GSA articulates graduate student concerns to the campus administration and to campus-wide committees that deal with topics ranging from parking to long-range academic planning. It publishes a yearly document detailing graduate student issues and concerns for the campus community. This “GSA Agenda” guides the yearly efforts of the GSA and helps to inform the campus about graduate student concerns.

[The newly elected GSAE officers are available for interviews; contact George Yatchisin at 805 893 5789]