The Gevirtz School awards 47 doctorates in 2012-13

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Forty-seven doctoral candidates from UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz Graduate School took part in graduation ceremonies in the academic year 2012-13. Listed below are the new Ph.D.s and Ed.D.s and their dissertation titles.

Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology


Counseling Psychology

Elisa Hernandez,Types and Cultural Sources of Social Support: The Relationship between Social Support and Mental Health for Mexican-Americans”

Ray (Yen-Jui) Lin, “Efficacy of A Computer-based Intervention in Reducing Internalized Heterosexism”

Michael Rogers, “Enhancing LGBTQ emotional health: The role of LGBT community in addressing access to mental health and social support services”


Clinical Psychology

Cristina Benki, “Risks and Needs of Participants in Batterer Intervention Programs”

Whitney Ence, “Effects of Video Feedback on Parent Implementation of Pivotal Response Treatment”

Sarah Kuriakose, “Standardized Cognitive Assessments in Children with Autism”

Katherine Levinger, “Parent-Implemented Video Self-Management Targeting Nonverbal Pragmatics in Children with Autism”

Mi Park “Targeting Social Communication Impairments in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders through Self-Management”

Anjileen Singh, “Incorporating a Data Collection Component into Parent Education Sessions of Parents of Children with Autism”


School Psychology

Lindsey O’Brennan-Grimm, “A Multi-level Examination of Students' Problem Behavior: The Importance of School Climate and Classroom Contextual Factors”

Elina Saeki, “Student Engagement and Motivation: An Evaluation of Their Relations to Social-Emotional and Behavioral Functioning”

Anna Shenouda, “Discipline Practices and School Climate: Exploring Predictors of Discipline Techniques Through an Examination of Staff Perceptions”

Skye Stifel, “Examining the Relation between the Bullying Attitudes Measure and the Student Engagement in Schools Questionnaire Brief Version”

Kristen Sullivan, “High School to College Drinking Trajectories: Responsiveness to a College Harm Reduction Program”

Jennifer Twyford, “Enhancing Current Practices in Risk Assessment for Youth Offending: A Two-Part Study”


Department of Education


Child and Adolescent Development


Amber Gonzalez, “Above and Beyond: Undergraduate Latinos Aspirations to Pursue Graduate Education”

Shadi Roshandel, “The Role of Teachers in Influencing the Development of Adolescents' Possible Selves”


Cultural Perspectives and Comparative Education


Shane Andrews, “The Role of Teachers in Influencing the Development of Adolescents' Possible Selves”

Julie Antilla, “From Sí Se Puede to Échale Ganas: Transforming the Life Narrative of Migrant Students through Debate Tournaments”

Clara Bauler, “Examining Online Forum Discussions as Practices of Digital Literacy in College-Level ESL Writing”

April Harris, “Racial Socialization and Identity Development of Middle Class African American and Biracial Adolescent Girls Attending an Independent School: A Case Study”

Gopal Krishnamurthy, “Gesturing Towards Teaching: A Teacher's Narrative”

Roseanne Macias, “Immigrant Youth and Activism: Opportunities for Leadership and Social Change”

Adrian Ramos, “Form 6 to 163: The Chinese International Student Experience in a Time of Increased Enrollment at a University of California Campus”
Nida Rinthapol, “Goal Orientation and Motivational Patterns among Underrepresented Minority Junior High School Students from Low-Income Immigrant Families in a College Preparation Program”

Marta Silva, “Life Stories of Graduate Students in Chile and the United States: Becoming a Scientist from Childhood to Adulthood”


Educational Leadership and Organizations


Justin Smith,California Teacher Retirement: Perception, Satisfaction, and Change”

Kirk Sturm, “How leader behaviors influence task, procedural, and social goals in small group decision making: A mixed methods approach”


Research Methods

Igor Himmelfarb, “Modeling the Change in PSAT Scores: A Growth Modeling Approach”


Special Education, Disabilities, and Risk Studies

Whitney Detar,Targeting Question-Asking Initiations through Video Feedback to Improve Social Conversation in College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders”

Danielle Guzman, “When is an English Language Learner Not An English Language Learner? Exploring Individual Differences in Developmental Language and Literacy Acquisition for At-Risk Learners: A Latent Transition Approach”

Jeffery Hayden, “Evidence-Based Practices: A View from the Trenches”

Michelle La Monte, “Towards an Operational Definition of Successful Co-Teaching: Instrument Development, Validity, and Reliability”

Amber Walz, “Experiences of Asian Indian Families with Special Education and Disability-Related Services in America”

Teaching and Learning

Angela Dosalmas,The Homes We Inhabit: Implicating Socio-historical, Cultural, Political Narratives in the Negotiation of Mathematics Relationships”

Damian Koshnick, “Tracking our Writing Theorists Through Citations”

Jason Levin, “‘We’re Not Alone:’ An Analysis of the Relationship Between Program Design and Teacher Candidate Interaction and Support in a Teacher Education Program Employing a Cohort System”

Jacqueline Reid,Pedagogy and Practice: Providing Opportunities for Students to Develop Criticality in an Undergraduate Black Studies Course”

Kelly Simon, “The Development of Preservice English Teacher Beliefs about Literacy, Teaching and Students”


 Ed.D. – Educational Leadership


Katya Armistead, “How African American Students Define Leadership”

Shannon Coletti, “The Effects of Transitional Bilingual Education Versus Structured English Immersion Instructional Models on English Language Development as Measured by the California English Language Development Test”

Luis Gonzalez, “Factors Affecting Student Success in Distance Learning Courses at a Local California Community College: Joint Governance Perspectives”

Anthony Gutierrez, “Student Affairs Standards and Competencies: Examining the Professional Standards and Competencies of California Community College Students Government Advisors”

Christopher Johnson, “Characteristics of High Achieving, Low- and Moderate-Income African Descent College Students”

Kyle Loughman, “Exploring the Impact of WPAs' Leadership at Two-Year Colleges”

Daniel Mosunich, “An Exploratory Investigation into the Key Elements Associated District-wide Improvement”

Julie Shaw, “Coming Out of the Locker Room: Lesbian and Bisexual Collegiate Basketball Players' Experiences and Perceptions of Safe Space Climate in College Athletics”