Superintendent Bill Cirone’s TV show Talking with Teachers spotlights the McEnroe Reading Clinic during the month of February

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Tina McEnroe

Tina McEnroe at the dedication ceremony of the Reading Clinic in 2011

Santa Barbara County Superintendent of Schools Bill Cirone features the McEnroe Reading Clinic at UC Santa Barbara on his February broadcast of Talking with Teachers. Cirone interviews the founder of the clinic, Tina McEnroe, an award-winning teacher. McEnroe, a longtime reading specialist at Vista de Las Cruces School in Gaviota, has earned multiple subject and reading specialist credentials, as well as a master’s degree in education, from UC Santa Barbara in 1989.

The Tina Hansen McEnroe & Paul V. McEnroe Reading & Language Arts Clinic uses research-based and technology-enhanced assessment and intervention to improve reading and language skills. The Clinic offers the only University and research-based literacy and reading assessments and interventions on California’s Central Coast, bringing a special focus to children diagnosed with mild to moderate learning disabilities or at risk for learning disabilities. It offers a positive tutorial environment and continuity of learning experiences that nurture students to become life-long readers while helping develop their skills to meet increased reading demands in secondary school. The Clinic is housed in the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, at UCSB.

Bill Cirone is the longest-serving county superintendent of schools in California, having filled a series of four-year terms since first being elected in 1982. The county superintendent interviews educators and local decision-makers on public-access television programs that include Talking with Teachers, Local Leaders, Schools of Thought, Cirone on Schools, and Innovations in Education.

The program airs on numerous public access TV stations in the region:

Cox Channel 71 (TVSB)
Mondays, 6:30 p.m.
Tuesdays, 9:30 a.m.
Wednesdays, 11:30 p.m.
Thursdays, 4:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
Saturdays, 7:30 a.m.  

Cox Channel 20 (SB County government access)
Mondays,  8 p.m.
Wednesdays, 8:30 p.m. (first and third Wednesdays only)
Saturday-Sunday, 8:30 p.m.  

Comcast Channel 24 (Santa Maria)
Monday, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.
Fridays, 7 p.m.  

Comcast Channel 23 (Lompoc)
Wednesdays, 9:30 p.m.
Thursdays, 5 p.m.
Saturdays, 7 p.m.
Sundays, 6 p.m.

[Tina McEnroe is available for interviews; contact George Yatchisin at 805 893 5789]