Erin Beerer and Elsbeth Yznaga awarded 2018 Special Education Fellowships

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Elsbeth Yznaga and Erin Beerer

Erin Beerer and Elsbeth Yznaga of UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz School have received 2017-2018 Special Education Fellowships. These fellowships, made possible by Dick and Peggy Lamb, support aspiring special education teachers who are dedicated to a long-term professional commitment of working in school settings with students who qualify for special education services, as well as with their families.

Both of the fellows just graduated with Education Specialist Credentials (ESC) and M.Eds. from UC Santa Barbara’s Teacher Education Program. The ESC program provides future special educators the knowledge and experience to teach a wide range of diverse students with moderate and severe disabilities. The California Education Specialist Credential authorizes program graduates to teach students with autism, orthopedic impairments, cerebral palsy, developmental or intellectual disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, visual impairments, and other areas of need. The credential authorizes graduates to teach grades K–12, as well as transition programs for adults through age twenty-two. ESC Program graduates are prepared to become education interventionists who can effectively design and implement a range of special education models, such as inclusion programs and special day class programs in public schools and other settings such as, non-public schools, special schools, home/hospital settings, correctional facilities, non-public school and agencies, and resource rooms.