The Gevirtz School announces summer projects as part of its Core IT Service Evolution

Friday, June 22, 2018
illustration capturing computers and networks

The Gevirtz School’s Information Technology Group (ITG) announces a series of summer projects in its ongoing Core IT Service Evolution—an initiative to ensure faculty, staff and students continue to receive exceptional IT support. These projects add to ITG’s regular efforts to upgrade hardware and software in order to not just maintain but improve the user’s information technology experience, whether that user is doing research, teaching or staff support. This work is also supported by central campus’s Enterprise Technology Services (ETS), so the Gevirtz School can leverage best-in-class IT capabilities and reduce strain on its own resources.

Seminar Classroom Upgrades

Pilot work has already begun June 21 and 22 in ED 3209 and 2101. In an effort to improve the user-experience, ITG is upgrading both rooms, primarily by adding large, bright flat panel displays with HDMI and VGA (legacy) connectors. ITG asks for feedback after the work is done (just email the Help Desk as they plan to upgrade all eight seminar rooms in the building over the summer.

Server Migrations

Instead of keeping GGSE servers locally in the Education Building, ITG has been migrating all the school’s servers to Enterprise Technology Services virtual infrastructure in North Hall Data Center.  This site has state-of-the-art power, monitoring, HVAC, and fire suppression and water leak detection capability and makes all of the school’s data more secure and accessible.

Dean’s Computer Replacement

Throughout the summer ITG will be conducting the annual Dean’s Computer Replacement process. Staff will visit every school-owned computer in the building, checking on performance, performing security upgrades, and switching from the current antivirus protection, ESET, to the system used and supported by ETS for all of campus, Sophos A/V. ITG will use these visit findings to make recommendations for who needs replacement computers this year. Faculty and staff do not need to be present for these visits. If you have concerns about your computer, let ITG know by emailing Help and list as specifically as possible those concerns.

Wired Network Replacement

This August and September ITG will work through each wing of the building replacing the wired network. You will be alerted when this will happen in your wing of the building. If there are any network interruptions, they will be brief. The new network will provide even better service.