The Gevirtz School awards 41 doctorates in 2017-18

Wednesday, August 22, 2018
CCSP commencement photo June 2018

Forty-one doctoral candidates from UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz Graduate School took part in graduation ceremonies in the academic year 2017-18. Listed below are the new Ph.D.s and their dissertation titles.

Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology

Kristen Ashbaugh, “Assessing the Effectiveness of Structured Social Planning for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Context of a Multiple-Baseline Across Participants Design”

Kevin Delucio, “Investigating Clinician Perceptions of Outness Strategies of Latino Gay Clients”

Aileen Fullchange, “Effectiveness of an Empathy Intervention for Youths At-Risk”

Aaron Haddock, “Towards Understanding Adolescents’ Adaptation to School Moral Norms: Development and Validation of the Student Moral Adaptability Questionnaire”

Kayleigh Hunnicutt, “Straight from the Source: Using Client Strengths and Risks to Predict Future Supervision Violations”

Anna Lee, “Therapeutic Processes in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: An Exploratory Qualitative Study”

Sheila Modir, “Exploring the Middle Eastern American Students’ College Experience: Adjustment, Discrimination, and Coping”

Anahita Navab, “The Use of Eye-Tracking as an Assessment Measure for Social Attention in Autism Spectrum Disorder”

Alexis Stanley-Olson, “Client Feedback and Group Therapy Outcomes for Adults with Co-occurring Mental Illness and Substance Abuse”

Elisa Vasquez, “Cultural Differences in Post-Traumatic Growth and Coping for Adult Sexual Assault Survivors: An Examination of Latina, Chicana and Hispanic Women”

Avery Voos, “An Initial Evaluation of the Mindful Parenting Group for Parents of Children with Spectrum Disorder”

Hannah Weisman, “The Harmful Impact of Weight Stigma on Eating Pathology and Health Behaviors among White and Latinx Adolescents”

Rondy Yu, “The Effectiveness of a Program for Students with Severe EBD in Restrictive Classroom Settings”

Department of Education

Josepha Baca, “Advancing Student Success in a Climate of Accountability: An Exploration of Stakeholders' Views of Organizational Learning and Renewal in a California Community College District”

Jaycee Bigham, “Examining the Reception of Bolivian, Peruvian, and Paraguayan Immigrant Students and Families by the Public Education System of Buenos Aires, Argentina”

Henry Covarrubias, “Developing a Culturally Sensitive Student Equity Report Card: Bridging Multiple Worlds Within a California Community College Hispanic-Serving Institution Framework”

Kyle Crocco, “Multiplatform Writing in University Admissions”

Yun (Daisy) Dai, “Understanding the Complexities in Developing a Technology-Enabled Initiative: An Interactional Ethnographic Approach”

Zack De Piero, “Reading Like a Writer, Teaching Like a Reader: Guiding Students Towards ‘Good Reading’ in First-Year Composition”

Nicholas Eliopoulos, “Learning Practice: An Exploratory Study of a Loosely Coupled Adult Education Program”

Veronica Fematt, “Identifying Transfer Student Subgroups by Academic and Social Adjustment: A Latent Class Analysis”

Mario Galicia, “‘Pushed-Out’ and ‘Pulled In’: Observing the Effects of a School-Based Gang Intervention Program”

Alexandria Hansen, “How Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Design and Facilitation of a Maker Faire Activity Contributes to Differences in Children’s Learning”

Tijana Hirsch, “An Ethnographic Study of Transnational Family Language Policy in Facebook Communities Across Time”

Natalie Holdren, “Training Preservice Special Education Teachers to Facilitate Meaningful Parent Participation in IEPs Using Simulated Meetings”

Erika I-Tremblay, “The Development of Writing Centers in Japanese Higher Education”

Yan Jiang, “Development And Effectiveness Of Online Intonation Training Modules To Improve Chinese Speakers’ English Speech”

Hui Kim, “Understanding Group Context: Bridging the Achievement Gap”

Joshua Kurtzman, “Teaching as Analogous Personalization: A Pragmatic Inquiry into Expert Teachers’ Process for Fostering Synchrony in Educational Dialogs, in Post-Secondary Writing”

Levi Maaia, “The Keys to Maker Education: A Longitudinal Ethnographic Study of a STEM-to-STEAM Curriculum-in-the-Making”
Melina Melgarejo, “Effective Teaching Strategies for Predicting Reading Growth in English Language Learners”

Justine Meyr, “Building Social Presence in a Telecollaboration between American and German Higher Education Students”

Sungmin Moon, “Examining the Effects of Undergraduate STEM Education and Teacher Education on Preservice Science and Mathematics Teacher Readiness and Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) Scores”

Kelsey Oliver, Proposed: “Effects of Short-Term, Intensive Pivotal Response Treatment Training Program on Parent Confidence and Stress for Families Newly Diagnosed with Autism”

Katie Pugh, “Acting Like an Engineer in High School”

Helen Rodriguez, “An Exploratory Study of the Perspectives of K-12 Latina School Administrators in One California Region”

Lesley Seccia, “Developing a Global Engineer: Study Abroad Experiences of Engineering Majors in One University System”

Kathleen Swift, “A Web of Extended Metaphors in the Guerilla Open Access Manifesto of Aaron Swartz”

Tiesha Tallman, “An Exploration of Student Enrollment and School Administrator Perceptions of JROTC at One High School”

Raymond Tjen-A-Looi, “An Exploratory Study of Data-Driven Decision Making Supports in a Northern California School District”

Vanessa Witenko, “Ameliorating Educational Inequalities through Social Support - A Latent Class Analysis”