Recent alumna Isabella Marill has been selected as a 2018 Science Communications Fellow for the exploration vessel Nautilus

Monday, July 9, 2018
Isabella Marill

The team behind the research vessel Nautilus has chosen Isabella Marill from a vast number of teacher candidates nationwide to be trained as a Science Communications Fellow in preparation for the upcoming expedition to map the Northeast Pacific Seamounts. As the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Hercules is “flown” to great depths, Marill’s job is to watch the Hercules’ cameras and verbally interpret what she sees to an international audience. Marill and a team of scientists and educators will be available for questions from audiences through July 21. If you are interesting in remotely experiencing the expedition, go to to join the adventure; Marill’s shift is from noon to 5 pm each day.

Marill just graduated from the Teacher Education Program with a single subject credential in science and a M.Ed. While a student in the Gevirtz School she won numerous honors including a 2017-18 Dorman Commons Fellowship, a 2017-18 California Retired Teachers Association Anne & Harry Scales Scholarship, and she was also a 2017-18 STEM Teachers for English Language Learners: Excellence and Retention (STELLER) Noyce Scholar. She also holds a Masters of Environmental Science and Management from UCSB’s Bren School.

This is the third straight year a Teacher Education Program alumnus has been chosen as a Science Communication Fellow. Marill was preceded by Tommy Riparetti in 2017 and Katelyn Standerfer in 2016.

The E/V Nautilus is operated by the non-profit organization The Ocean Exploration Trust. The Ocean Exploration Trust was founded in 2008 by Dr. Robert Ballard (also a UCSB alumnus) to engage in pure ocean exploration.