Student Profile: Thompson Ogilvie Grows Learners

Monday, December 10, 2018
Thompson Ogilvie

This week we caught up with Teacher Education Program (TEP) student Thompson Ogilvie, who is working on his Single Subject Credential in Social Studies. Ogilvie, who is originally from Hopedale, MA, has a BA from Bowdoin College in Economics and History.

GGSE: What made you decide to pursue a teaching credential?

Ogilvie: Ever since I was a camp counselor, I enjoyed working with children and young adults. I also love the social studies content that I get to teach them!

GGSE: What is something you are most looking forward to when you have your own classroom?

Ogilvie: I am most looking forward to guiding students through difficult subject content. I believe that we can only grow as learners when we are taken out of our comfort zones and I am excited to be there to help students make sense of it.