The Gevirtz School Awards 28 Doctorates in 2018-19

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
ED Commencement Photo June 2019

Twenty-eight doctoral candidates from UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz Graduate School of Education took part in graduation ceremonies in the academic year 2018-19. Listed below are the new CCSP and ED Ph.D.s and their dissertation titles.





Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology (CCSP)

Stephanie Elyse Adams, “How School Support, Protects LGBTQ Students from Attacks on Their Identity”

Beatriz Del Carmen Bello, “Sense of Belonging in STEM Majors: Voicing Latina College Students’ Experiences”

Cecile Lisa Binmoeller, “Understanding Relational and Physical Bullying Profiles: The Importance of School Climate and Social Status”

Danielle Marie Dougherty, “Engaging English Language Learners: An Ecological Investigation of Individual and Contextual Influences on Engagement and Achievement”

Mercedes Fernandez Oromendia, “Developing the Personal Style of the Supervisor Scale: An Evaluation of Stylistic Profiles of Clinical Supervisors”

Joshua Aaron Goodman, “The Development of a Brief Online Intervention to Increase Parents' Self-Efficacy and Intentions for Sexual Minority-Supportive Parenting”

Lauren Michele Koch, “The Impact of Social Response to Adult Sexual Assault in Women”

Lindsey Liles, "Military Identity, Psychological Flexibility, and Reintegration in Post 9/11 Service Members and Veterans”

Stephanie Anne Moore, “A Longitudinal Investigation of Dual-Factor Mental Health in Adolescence”

Diana Evdoxia Santacrose, “Latinx Immigrant Parent-Child Relationships: An Intergenerational Model of Cohesion, Conflict and Mental Health”

Department of Education (ED)

Maria Jose Aragon, "Reading under the Common Core: Latinx Students’ Agency and Meaning-Making Practices in Peer Discussions about Text"

Richard John Bacon, “An Ethnographic Study of the Complexities of Designing and Gaining Access to an Internship”

Lorna Stephanie Gonzalez, “Aspects of a Literacy of Infographics: Results from an Empirical-Qualitative Study”

Jing Hao, “Being an International Student: Experiences of Chinese Undergraduate Students in a Large Research University”

Aram Kim, “Collaborative Literacy Practice and (Re)Constructing Discourse, Identity, and Power: A Telling Case of Latina Youth in an After School Program”

Wona Lee, “Who is proficient?: An investigation of bilingual language proficiency and its influence on classroom practices in a first- grade Korean/English Two Way Immersion classroom”

Heather Macias, “The Importance of Professional Development: A Critical Discourse Analysis Surrounding the Teaching of California’s Multilingual Students”

Jasmine McBeath Nation, “Making a Place in STEM: Latinx Students’ Experiences and Trajectories in Community STEM Programs”

Justin Sean Mcclinton, “An Exploratory Study of the Perspectives of Teachers on the Unionization of One Charter Management Organization”

Hui-Ju Pai, “Family-School-Community Partnerships in Practice: A Case Study of a Tutoring Program in Atayal Indigenous Tribal Community”

Jay Plasman, “Preparing for the Future: Advancing College and Career Readiness Through Career and Technical Education and Planning”

Charlyne B Sarmiento, “Developing a Disciplinary Identity through Writing in STEM Undergraduate Research Programs”

Maria Cristina Saucedo, “Teachers and Administrators Perceptions of a New Comer Program”

Alayna Janel Wearly, “Learning Instructional Routines in Formal Professional Development: The Case of Number Talks”

Charles Mckelvin Williams, “The Benefits of High School Football Participation on Adolescents’ Academic and Life Skills Development”

Rong Yang, “First-year International Chinese Undergraduate Students' Academic Writing in the Digital Age”

Chryss Elizabeth Yost, “Expanding the Known World: Routines that Influence International Student Integration”

Yin Yu, “Parenting Practices and Styles: Unique Links to Taiwanese Adolescent Mental Health and Academic Performance”