Student Profile: Jennifer Kloster Imparts a Love for Learning

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Jennifer Kloster

This week we caught up with Jennifer Kloster, a student in the Teacher Education Program working on her multiple subject teaching credential. Jennifer just graduated this past spring 2018 from UCSB and majored in Sociology with a minor in Education.

GGSE: What has been a highlight of your experience in TEP?

Kloster: A highlight of my TEP experience so far is just working with such a diverse group of students and watching them grow so much in such a short time. Working with students has been such an amazing opportunity.

GGSE: When you have your own classroom, what grade do you want to teach and why?  

Kloster: When I have my own classroom, I hope to teach in either first or second grade. I personally think that during those years it's so fundamental for students to learn that someone truly cares about them as a person and as a scholar. Also, I feel like I can help them find the love for learning that I found thanks to my teachers when I was their age.