Bugging Out: Christina Wilburn 5-15-2020

Monday, May 18, 2020
Benny looking for bugs
Education and Applied Psychology in a Time of COVID-19

There are currently 2 rolly pollies* roaming free in my living room, but it's fine, this is fine. In order to get my son to come inside the house with me so I could change his diaper and start charging my laptop again, I told him he could put the rolly pollies he was playing with into a little plastic container to bring them inside too. Well, whaddaya know, when I went to toss the dirty diaper he accidentally knocked over the container and now they cannot be found. My only hope is that my cat finds them and eats them before I feel that crunch beneath my feet. I've found that being outside with my son during the workday allows me the most amount of time to get work done. Though I still hear the constants, "look at me mommy!," "hold this for me mommy," "play with me mommy!," they are fewer between if my son can dig in the dirt and have a bucket of water to play with. Plus I can work on my tan too? Hahaha. I am so very thankful that my home has a small front yard with a tree strong enough for a swing for my son to be able to play outside during this pandemic. He does miss his friends considerably and almost daily I hear him wishing to go back to school. One day, hopefully soon, I might be able to tell him he will be able to, but in the meantime, let's look for more bugs.

*Not a rolly pollie, but a cool creepy crawly anyway.

Christina Wilburn is a mama of a 3yr old and the GGSE Academic Personnel Coordinator. She loves to skate, especially with the local roller derby team, the Brawlin’ Betties, but this quarantine has got her brawlin’ with her computer monitor (too much screen time) instead.