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  • Diana Arya and Miya Barnett

    Diana Arya and Miya Barnett

    Over the last decade, UC Santa Barbara has worked diligently to ameliorate the well-known national “leaky pipeline” that has always impacted diversity in the graduate and postdoctoral populations. As one step, UCSB Graduate Division has...
  • Jason Fly

    Jason Fly, one of the graduate student clinicians of the Healing Center

    The murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, among many others, and the activism of #BLM this past summer led Carrie Towbes to look for a place to take action, as she wondered what philanthropy could do locally. Towbes turned to Healing...
  • cover “Using Data to Improve Teacher Education”
    Tine Sloan of UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz School is a co-editor—with Charles A. Peck, Kristen Cuthrell, Désirée H. Pointer-Mace, and Diana B. Lys—of the new volume Using Data to Improve Teacher Education: Moving Evidence to Action...

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