Student Profile: Anita Tuttle combines passion with business management in education

Monday, October 11, 2021
Anita Tuttle

Anita Tuttle is a first-generation graduate student in the Teacher Education Program, pursuing a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and M.Ed. in Education. For her undergraduate studies, the Bay Area native decided to stay close to home and earn her B.S. in Business Management, as well as a minor in STEM Education, from the University of San Francisco in the spring of 2021. During her time as an undergraduate, she spent over 230 hours in San Francisco Unified School District classrooms with diverse communities and varying learners. Tuttle hopes to bring her prior experiences as well as what she learns in TEP to her classroom where she can create a psychologically safe environment where students can learn, unlearn, and relearn.

GGSE: Even before you started in TEP, you had an impressive 230 hours in San Francisco Unified School District classrooms. What's most memorable about that time for you?

Tuttle: The students – they are always the most memorable part of any school year. When I think back to my time at SFUSD, it is often because I have been reminded of a moment with a student. Fast-forward to now, I am 40 days into working with SBUSD and my answer is the same, the students are what is making this experience memorable!

GGSE: A degree in Business Management seems a unique path for a future elementary school teacher. How do you think your undergraduate major will benefit you in your teaching career?

Tuttle: My background being in Business Management is a benefit to me in this career path because it provides me with perspective; I have many lenses to look through. Additionally, a long-term career goal for me is to become a principal; having a business degree I bring valuable managerial knowledge and experience that would benefit me in that position.

GGSE: What issue(s) are you passionate about in education?

Tuttle: The list is long and truthfully, I’m sure that there are issues that I haven’t even thought about or have been introduced to. However, an issue that is present in my current placement is a lack of classroom support. SBUSD is facing a severe substitute and para-educator shortage. While this may be the result of being in a global pandemic, students still deserve the support they need to be successful students in the classroom.

GGSE: Who, living or dead, do you most admire?

Tuttle: I really admire my fellow TEP peers! We have come from all walks of life and made it through (hopefully the worst of) a pandemic to end up starting a new chapter, together. Since beginning this journey my peers have taken steps to become well-rounded teachers of future leaders and change-makers. I can’t wait to see how far they, we, have come at the end of this program.