Andrés Consoli and Heidi A. Zetzer to deliver Society of Counseling Psychology Fellows Talks at the 2022 American Psychological Association Annual Convention

Thursday, August 4, 2022
APA Division 17 Fellows Talks 2022

Drs. Andrés Consoli and Heidi A. Zetzer of UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz School will deliver Society of Counseling Psychology Fellows Talks at the 2022 American Psychological Association (APA) Convention on Friday, August 5 in Minneapolis, MN. APA Fellowship is an honor bestowed upon members who have made “unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in the field of psychology.” That means the contributions of Consoli and Zetzer are viewed as having enriched or advanced Counseling Psychology (Division 17) well beyond the level that normally would be expected of a professional psychologist. Fellows are selected by peers on the basis of evidence of sustained superior performance that is recognizable at a national (rather than local or regional) level.

Consoli’s talk is titled “The Person of the Psychologist: A Recovering Prejudist Sustained by Mentors.” He says of his talk: “I am a formerly undocumented immigrant from Argentina, with much orgullo to be a bilingual (English Spanish) psychologist. I work as a faculty member in the Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara where I facilitate The Building Bridges Collective. I am proud to be a member of Aiglé and a distinguished visiting professor of psychology at the Universidad del Valle, Guatemala. I am a fellow of the American Psychological Association, and I owe this distinction to those who saw in me something I did not: my senior mentors, among them, Héctor Fernández-Álvarez, Larry E. Beutler, C. Barr Taylor, Jane Carlisle, Jeana Dressel, Patricia Arredondo, el Padre Bola, and el Padre Pajarito, and my peer mentors, among them, Alvin N. Álvarez, Mary Cavagnaro, María del Pilar Grazioso, and José Toro Alfonso. My sons, Julián and Benjamín, have guided me on how to be their father and I am forever indebted to them for their encouragement and kindness that, in turn, helped me be a better psychologist. And so have my parents, patients, research participants, supervisees, and students. I would have not achieved this distinction without their collective support and inspiration.”

Consoli is an Associate Professor at UCSB and a Licensed Psychologist. He has served as president of the National Latinx Psychological Association (2014), the Interamerican Society of Psychology (2007-2009), and the Western Association of Counselor Education and Supervision (2001-2002). He is serving as Vice President for International Affairs of SCP (2020-2023). Consoli has published over 100 times concerning psychotherapy, supervision, professional development, access and utilization of mental health services, values, diversity, and more. He is the lead editor of the multinational Comprehensive textbook of psychotherapy: Theory and practice (Oxford) and a coauthor of the binational CBT strategies for anxious and depressed children and adolescents: A clinician’s toolkit (Guilford).

Zetzer’s talk is titled “Let’s Build a Better Bridge to Supervision Competencies.” Dr. Heidi A. Zetzer (she/her) is a Teaching Professor and Director of the Carol Ackerman Positive Psychology Clinic in the Department of Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology at UCSB. She is the former director of the department’s psychology training clinic (2006-2020). Zetzer teaches Positive Psychology Across the Lifespan, The Psychology of Flourishing, Basic Practicum, and Theories of Supervision & Consultation. Zetzer is the Secretary for the Society for Counseling Psychology (SCP). She is a former chair of SCP’s Supervision & Training Section (STS) and former president of both the Association of Psychology Training Clinics (APTC) and the Santa Barbara County Psychological Association (SBCPA). She is a member of the editorial boards for The Counseling Psychologist, Psychotherapy, and Training & Education in Professional Psychology. She is Co-Editor of the APTC Bulletin: Practicum Education & Training. Zetzer’s areas of scholarship include parallel process in supervision, multicultural clinical supervision, white privilege and meaning in life. She co-chaired APTC’s International Committee with leadership from the Australasian Association of Psychology Training Clinics, which led to the production of The Guidelines for Psychology Training Clinics (2022). She received two SBCPA Legacy Awards and STS’s Outstanding Counselor Supervisor Award.

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