Eleven Gevirtz School faculty members receive promotions in 2022

Tuesday, November 22, 2022
photo of Storke Tower with the words "a story of excellence"

Eleven members of the Gevirtz School faculty have recently heard from the Academic Senate about well-earned promotions.

Richard Durán has been promoted to Distinguished Professor; Tarek Azzam, Erika Felix, and Karen Nylund-Gibson have been promoted to Full Professor; Miya Barnett, Alison Cerezo, Rachel Lambert, and Sarah Roberts have been promoted to Associate Professor, and therefore are now tenured faculty; Andrew Fedders and Christopher Ograin have been promoted to Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment, AKA Full Teaching Professor; Karin Lohwasser has been promoted to Lecturer with Security of Employment, AKA Associate Teaching Professor.

“It’s important for the whole school to stop and honor our talented, caring, industrious colleagues and be sure to recognize all the work they had to do to earn their promotions…not to mention all the work chronicling that they actually did the work to earn their promotions,” says Jeffrey Milem, Jules Zimmer Dean’s Chair at the Gevirtz School. “And here’s to all the staff effort and diligence helping get these promotions through all the bureaucratic hoops.”

Miya Barnett, Alison Cerezo, and Erika Felix are faculty in the Department of Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology; Tarek Azzam, Richard Durán, Andrew Fedders (Education, Ph.D., ’11), Rachel Lambert, Karin Lohwasser, Karen Nylund-Gibson, Christopher Ograin, and Sarah Roberts are faculty in the Department of Education.

[These faculty members are available for interview; contact George Yatchisin at george@education.ucsb.edu]