Student Profile: Adri Trujillo dances her way to a credential

Monday, August 15, 2022
Adri Trujillo

GGSE: What made you want to be a teacher (and please be specific as to the credential you are working on, too)?
Adri Trujillo: I have been a part of Grupo de Danza Folklorico Quetzalcoatl since I was 6 years old. I have been around kids my entire life. My time there really inspired me to become a teacher. I was given opportunities and responsibilities as I grew older to help the young kids and new members. It was through their growth and excitement that pushed me to pursue my credentials in teaching elementary students.

GGSE: What made you choose TEP at UCSB to do your graduate school work?
Trujillo: I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, so it only feel natural to stay in Santa Barbara and attend TEP at UCSB. It also allowed me to further connect with the community that I have always been a part of.

GGSE: Who was your favorite teacher in your life, and why?
Trujillo: My favorite teacher in my life has to be my first grade teacher, Ms. Bluit. I loved how gentle she was with all her students, even those that were a bit more difficult; she never gave up on any of us. As a shy student, it was in her class that I first felt comfortable and enthusiastic in a classroom. I never wanted to leave her room and I was quite upset when she retired the next year. I was so sure she was going to follow us to second grade since we all loved her so much.

GGSE: If you have any free time (we realize how consuming TEP is), how do you like to spend it?
Trujillo: Other than dancing folklorico, I love to read! I am a huge bookworm. I loved the feeling of being caught in a book and going through the emotions and journey with the characters. It allows me to experience new worlds and perspectives that I otherwise would not have experienced. TEP has cut down on my book time but, I still try my best to end the day with a few pages.